Monday, 26 October 2015

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Review

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner* (promotional gift set)

I received this shoe cleaning set from a sneaker event a couple of weeks ago, and I've heard good things about Jason Markk so thought I'd give it a go on a few of my trainers and show you the results. Overall I'd say it worked okay but didn't work any better than the time I got an oil stain from my car on my triple white ultra boosts and I used washing up liquid. Which by the way got the stain out perfectly! 

To clean you put some water on your brush, then pour on the cleaning liquid and when you rub on the mark it creates a foam. The foam is effective but I had to use quite a bit of product and rub really hard to get a good foam going. If you have a look at my adidas EQTs below (second picture) you'll see some stains on the toes of the shoe, and then you can see further down (fifth picture) that the stains did come out so that was really good. Taking a look at the comparison photo at the bottom, however, you can see that it wasn't able to get out all of the marks on the midsoles of my Old Skools. So it was more effective on suede than the rubbery material of the Old Skool. 

Check out all of the pictures below and judge for yourself :) I hope this review was helpful, guys.

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