Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Triple Topshop: White Shirt & Button Skirt

Topshop skirt / Topshop shirt / Topshop sandals / Urban Outfitters bag

Hello lovelies! I haven't done a whole Topshop outfit in aaaaages, and I have always been such a big Topshop lover that I'm surprised it's been so long. I think I lost my love for a bit and I've been huge on ASOS and UO and nothing else, but here I am back with a couple of new Topshop bits (and an UO bag ofc). Also I have a little scar on one of my legs because I'm an idiot and cut myself shaving D:

For some crazy reason I didn't own a short sleeved white shirt and I was looking around Topshop and suddenly thought ooh I am missing this key wardrobe piece! Especially for someone who pretty much lives for basics. The skirt is the oh so popular black button up skirt. I actually can't wait until it gets a bit colder so I can start wearing this with tights. I haven't put a pair of tights on since March I think hmm.... yeah, I'm excited. I am definitely a winter bird, I love layers and whilst I love this outfit and it's very cute, it's missing tights, a scarf and a leather jacket ;)

x G



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