Tuesday, 25 August 2015

White Sweater & BDG Mom Jeans

sweater // asos (sold out)
jeans // BDG via urban outfitters (sale)

FINALLY a new outfit post! The instagram photos and the one where I messed up my camera settings and they were too bright definitely don't count. I've had barely any time to take some proper nice photos in my room with new items, but here we are. I'm actually obsessed with this outfit, it's definitely not just a blog outfit, I'd wear this anywhere. This sweater is brand new and sooo white. I'll be devo'd when it stops being so white. 

The mom jeans are also new. I've wanted pale mom jeans for a while and they're very similar to the £70 American Apparel ones that I wasn't willing to spend the money on. They retail for £50 but I found them in the UO sale for £25. They're a 24 inch waist lol and I do not have a 24 inch waist. They only had 24 or 27 and I usually fall in the 25/26 bracket so I have to positively squeeze into them. I plan to stick something in the waistband like a coat hanger to attempt to give them a bit more give because sitting down isn't the most comfortable right now. The things you do for a bargain! What do you guys think?

x G


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