Wednesday, 8 July 2015

St Tropez Gradual Tan & Tanning Mousse

Out of nowhere (or possibly following many envy-inducing Instagram pictures that came up on my feed) I decided to start fake tanning. It also didn't help that the weather had been quite good and my legs were blinding people at work. I've always been into being pale but I am giving tanning a try!

St Tropez was a 1/3 off in Boots the weekend just gone so I essentially ran in and picked up all these fun tanning things. I stood at the St Tropez section for about 20 mins trying to decide between the gradual lotion or the instant mousse until I decided to just get both. I'm starting off with the gradual lotion for a few weeks, and then I'm going to try the instant mousse. It means I'm not going from really pale to suddenly really dark. 

So far I've applied the gradual lotion twice in the last four days and I'm quite happy with the results. I essentially have a brownish hint. I'm going to see how I get along with it before I go out buying a new foundation. I apply the gradual lotion with the tanning mitt, and then wait 15 mins before putting my clothes on. So far I've only had the tiniest amount of streaking on my knee. 

I'll probably do a much more in depth review once I've used the mousse. Until then I welcome any newbie tanning tips and tricks! :)

x G

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