Wednesday, 29 July 2015

adidas Ultra Boost (Triple White)

adidas ultra boost // drome (sold out, sorryyy)

I'm so excited to finally get these up on my blog! I admit it, in this moment, I am a hype beast. I got on the hype. I didn't buy them 'cause Kanye wore them, I honestly couldn't give a s*** about Kanye West. Would I have known about them if he didn't wear them? I don't know. Probably! But I won't deny that the limited availability of this colourway added with the fact they were selling out everywhere made me desperately want them. That and the fact they are BEAUT. 

Now, getting into the nitty gritty. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I can tell you that for free. The boost technology is incredible. I know it's easy to say like "oh these are so comfy" but I own a lot of comfy shoes and no... these are the best. Hands down. The midsole looks like polystyrene lol but it's more durable than that. It's a triple white shoe but there are sections of off-white which I really like. I also like the bulky sole shape, 'cause it's cool and a bit different, but not as bulky and massive as the Roshe Run from Nike. If you have a pair I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

The Ultra Boost is billed as "the best running shoe in the world" or something. Yeahhh... I will not be running in these shoes. I have old Free Run 2s for that, guys. Not in a million years are you gonna see me ruining these babies going for a jog. 

What do you think? Fancy a pair? I got a size 6, and I'm lucky because I can always usually get shoes available to men as they run in a size 6. Size? were selling women's sizes in these but they have sold out too. Have a look on google shopping because they are in stock in a few sizes here and there on random sites. 

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  1. They're soooo nice ! I've been wanting to buy them also !
    love your blog and style !

    Basic Is The Mood


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