Wednesday, 29 July 2015

adidas Ultra Boost (Triple White)

adidas ultra boost // drome (sold out, sorryyy)

I'm so excited to finally get these up on my blog! I admit it, in this moment, I am a hype beast. I got on the hype. I didn't buy them 'cause Kanye wore them, I honestly couldn't give a s*** about Kanye West. Would I have known about them if he didn't wear them? I don't know. Probably! But I won't deny that the limited availability of this colourway added with the fact they were selling out everywhere made me desperately want them. That and the fact they are BEAUT. 

Now, getting into the nitty gritty. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I can tell you that for free. The boost technology is incredible. I know it's easy to say like "oh these are so comfy" but I own a lot of comfy shoes and no... these are the best. Hands down. The midsole looks like polystyrene lol but it's more durable than that. It's a triple white shoe but there are sections of off-white which I really like. I also like the bulky sole shape, 'cause it's cool and a bit different, but not as bulky and massive as the Roshe Run from Nike. If you have a pair I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

The Ultra Boost is billed as "the best running shoe in the world" or something. Yeahhh... I will not be running in these shoes. I have old Free Run 2s for that, guys. Not in a million years are you gonna see me ruining these babies going for a jog. 

What do you think? Fancy a pair? I got a size 6, and I'm lucky because I can always usually get shoes available to men as they run in a size 6. Size? were selling women's sizes in these but they have sold out too. Have a look on google shopping because they are in stock in a few sizes here and there on random sites. 

x G


Monday, 27 July 2015

Birthday Outfits

My birthday might be long gone from last week, but I thought I'd do a quick post just featuring some outfits I wore. If you don't follow me on Instagram you would've missed out on these. 

dress - boohoo / bag - primark / necklace - vivienne westwood / sandals - footasylum

This is what I wore going to a West End show of Phantom of the Opera. It was AMAZING btw. I did feel a bit like a big shining red beacon though. I plan on wearing this dress in Spain and I think it will look better over there. Still, I loved the flared out sleeves.

top - asos / skirt - topshop / bag - primark / trainers - adidas via footasylum / sunnies - primark

I wore this outfit going to the Warners Bros Harry Potter tour. My inner 14 year old was very, very happy. I think how I felt about Harry Potter is essentially how young girls feel about One Direction now. I bought this skirt from Topshop whilst I was in London and I'm already obsessed with it! The A-line shape is super flattering.

cardigan - topshop / top - topshop / shorts - levi's via urban outfitters / trainers - adidas via footasylum / bag - urban outfitters

This is what I wore on my actual birthday! My boyfriend and I had a really chilled day together. My sister came round with her baby, and then we headed out to the cinema to see Self/Less (with Ryan Reynolds... v average film). The shorts and top are both new and I won't say much now because they'll feature in posts soon!

all rings - pandora 

Finally I just wanted to show you the rings my boyfriend got me for my birthday. You might recognise this birth stone as not being July (lol). I really didn't like the July one, and I love all the pastel ones so I essentially sacked off the birth month thing and asked him to pick his favourite pastel colour. He of course chose blue as he loves blue. The far right ring was an 18th present from my auntie, and my boyf also got me the far left as a little add on for me to stack with the other one. Aint he a babe. 

Thanks for reading!

x G

Friday, 24 July 2015

Calvin Klein & ASOS Button Up

skirt // asos
sunglasses // primark

Guys, these sunnies are £2 from Primark if you fancy them. Such a bargain! The top has sold out on the Urban O website but they still have other CK stuff in so you can switch it up for another one. I quite like the grey too!

Hope you like this outfit :)

x G


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22nd Birthday!

top // asos
jeans // asos (rips DIY, similar)
sunnies // primark 
bag // primark

Hi! So I turned 22 yesterday (gah). This is a pretty general thing, but birthdays are something I love having lots of plans for and I couldn't sit around doing nothing for it. This year I really wanted to treat myself (seeing as it's the first year I've had a full time job) so I booked tickets in the West End to see Phantom of the Opera (:D) and tickets to FINALLY go to the Harry Potter tour (:D :D). It has meant I've been rubbish with posts over the weekend, but I've been posting constantly on my Instagram as usual.

I've included an outfit from the weekend and a few snaps from the HP tour, so hope you like!

x G

above photos by Mae Reddaway


Friday, 17 July 2015

Filling Pieces Low Top Rainbow Iron

My first pair of designer shoes! :D but very reasonably priced designer shoes, I should add. I am so so happy with them. They're a gorgeous soft grey nubuck leather. They're also a bit hard to get on at first but you just have to really loosen the laces so you're not damaging the back trying to shove them on. 

I have made a quick unboxing/first look video where I try on the shoes on my YouTube channel so head over there or scroll down to see it :)

 x G


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Nude Bag & Culottes

crop // topshop (on sale!)
culottes // girls on film via asos (sold out)
trainers // vans via footasylum
bag // primark

I don't think I've shown you guys this bag yet! It was £3 (or less tbh) from Primark and it's gorgeous! If you can't tell from the pictures it's a very light pink/nude colour. I guess more nude than pink but either way, gorgeous. It's my new favourite bag and a perfect replacement for your typical black bag or even white bag. It has a super long strap so you can throw it cross-body or just over the shoulder. The Vans make another appearance because they are without a doubt my favourite shoes at the minute. 

I'm in a fab mood because it's my birthday next week. Although I'm not crazy about turning 22 (and I will be that girl singing Taylor Swift all day to feel better) I am SO excited for my birthday plans. There will be many outfit pictures documenting my weekend so watch out for those.

Hope you're having a great week so far!

x G


Monday, 13 July 2015

Monday Morning Inspo / ASOS WHITE

I said in my last post that I was going to try and add more colour into my wardrobe. I also really need to get some ASOS WHITE in my life. This jumper is absolutely gorg! It's making me wish it was winter again but I need to stop doing that wishing time away thing. 

x G

Friday, 10 July 2015

Side Split & ASOS Ripped Mom Jeans

top // river island (out of stock)
jeans // asos

A quick little post because I've been rubbish with my blog this week! I don't like wearing much colour and yet I'm looking over my blog like hm I really need to inject some colour. I essentially wear four "colours" and I don't think black and white count... or grey... or denim blue. Call me crazy but I might buy something red (I know, don't fall over). ;p

Anyhoo, I love these jeans. I avoided the ripped knee train for so long but I'm on it now.

x G


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

St Tropez Gradual Tan & Tanning Mousse

Out of nowhere (or possibly following many envy-inducing Instagram pictures that came up on my feed) I decided to start fake tanning. It also didn't help that the weather had been quite good and my legs were blinding people at work. I've always been into being pale but I am giving tanning a try!

St Tropez was a 1/3 off in Boots the weekend just gone so I essentially ran in and picked up all these fun tanning things. I stood at the St Tropez section for about 20 mins trying to decide between the gradual lotion or the instant mousse until I decided to just get both. I'm starting off with the gradual lotion for a few weeks, and then I'm going to try the instant mousse. It means I'm not going from really pale to suddenly really dark. 

So far I've applied the gradual lotion twice in the last four days and I'm quite happy with the results. I essentially have a brownish hint. I'm going to see how I get along with it before I go out buying a new foundation. I apply the gradual lotion with the tanning mitt, and then wait 15 mins before putting my clothes on. So far I've only had the tiniest amount of streaking on my knee. 

I'll probably do a much more in depth review once I've used the mousse. Until then I welcome any newbie tanning tips and tricks! :)

x G

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The ASOS Denim Button Up Skirt

 crop // topshop
skirt // asos
bag // primark

Okay, first off I know everyone has this skirt and I'm really late to the party! I wanted a denim skirt for my holiday to Barca in August (watch this space for those outfit pics) and I just felt like this skirt was so much more interesting than a plain denim one. Also making a debut in this post are my Ønsker North Sandals. They have ponyhair on the back of the shoe and they're very comfortable. They are also coming on holiday with me. I went for these over all the other styles because I think these ones look quite high fashion. I imagine myself wearing an outfit full of oversized and slouchy Charlie May and The Row and then these bad boys on my feet.

Hope you like, gals!
x G


Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Best Liquid Eyeliner: Tattoo Me by Seventeen

I have found the holy grail of eyeliners. Well, high street liquid eyeliners anyway. Although if you can find better I'd love to know about it (as long as they don't cost more than a fiver... this cost £4.99.)

I won't ramble on about it much... if you want more info then I made a lil' video!

x G

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