Sunday, 28 June 2015

"Styled In Sepia" Dupes: Mac Lip Liner & NYX Lipstick

"oak" and "stone" lip liner // mac
"butter" and "maison" lipstick // nyx

If you haven't seen what Styled In Sepia lipstick looks like then give it a quick google. It's this stunning light brown matte lipstick that was a limited edition from mac sometime last year. You can find it online but for way over the original price, and it's probably been used. I made it pretty much a make up mission to find my own version of it, and it took quite a bit of hunting online because the suggestions were always a bit off. I've finally managed to find two lip liner and lipstick duos that are spot on dupes!

Mac's Stone liner with NYX's Maison lipstick - two dark greyish brown colours that combine to make a lip colour slightly darker than Sepia. 

Mac's Oak liner with NYX's Butter lipstick - these two are both lighter colours than the former. Oak is a light brown and Butter is a light brown-grey. Personally I think these two together are a perfect copy of Sepia. If you only want to get one then I'd say Butter is what really gives the Sepia colour, so just get that. 

Mac is easy to come by but NYX I found harder to get hold of. There is a UK NYX site, but everything good is always out of stock. I've ordered NYX products from Amazon sellers and a website called Fruugo. 

Hope this post has helped you if you've been on a dupe hunt! :)

x G


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  1. I love dupes, shows how much money you could save if you spend a little extra time researching :) This dupe is pretty close to the original which is such a pretty shade as well
    Dalal xx


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