Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Beauty Face Products for Oily Skin

I've had oily skin as long as I can remember, and to be honest there is nothing that's really going to prevent it. I'm just holding out hope that it helps me look less wrinkly when I'm older. I highly, highly recommend the foundation and powder pictured here if you're looking for products that hold in shine and don't move around too much as the day goes on. The primers are good but I have heard amazing things about Make Up Forever's matte primer and the Too Faced matte primer for oily skin, so when I've used both of the ones pictured here up I am going to give them a try. Garnier's Moisture Matte moisturiser is a great moisturiser for oily skin because although it provides a good base, it isn't greasy at all :) I'm hoping one day I'll be doing this post again with holy grail products that cure my oily skin.... until then.

x G 

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