Tuesday, 2 June 2015

DIY Ripped Knees with ASOS Mom Jeans

crop // asos
mom jeans // asos
stan smith // adidas via footasylum

Hello! So these are my DIY ripped knee jeans. DIY because when I bought them they were just normal mom jeans. I didn't buy them to specifically rip out the knees, but I was hardly wearing them and I didn't feel like they looked very flattering on. That said, for some reason with big chunks taken out of the knees they're suddenly really flattering! I think it's because it breaks up how super super black they are. I really wanted big knee gaps and not just a slit, so I snipped quite a lot out and I'm chuffed with how good (in my opinion) they look. 

The crop is new but has unfortunately sold out online because it went into sale. I'm a bit obsessed with light grey crop-tops which sucks because SWEAT PATCHES. You need a hardcore deodorant to survive a light grey top. 

x G


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