Friday, 15 May 2015

Rose Gold Accessories

watch // new look

I have a big thing for rose gold at the minute. I'd rather wear rose gold than gold or silver, it's just not as easy to come by. I found a few rings and a chain in h&m which is a start, but I really wanted a rose gold watch. I will eventually buy a more expensive version, but this under £20 one from New Look is a bargain start. It's a little too big so I need to take it to have a few links removed, but otherwise I'm chuffed with it. I've been thinking for a while about saving up to get an Alexander Wang Rocco bag. I know they're quite "old" now or whatever but they're still the nicest designer bag I've probably ever wanted, and I don't see the point in getting something new if I don't like it as much. Thing is, I really want the one with rose gold studs! Frankly I'm only gonna buy it if it has rose gold studs. So pretty.

Image from Pinterest. 

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  1. Can totally relate, I'm obsessed with rose gold anything too :-)

  2. The watch is so dainty, can't believe it's NL- good one!!

    Beauty and the B

    B xx


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