Thursday, 14 May 2015

Iconemesis Gemma Correll Phone Case

iphone 6 case // iconemesis*

Soooo... how insanely cute is this case? It's from iconemesis and designed by Gemma Correll, the woman behind the 'pugs not drugs' tees you've probably seen. There is actually a pug version of this case and I was really torn between the two, but in the end I am a cat person and kitties are life, so I'm genuinely happy to be walking around with smiling cats on my phone. Also the phone case is really nice quality. I expected it to be your normal shiny plastic but it's a matt kind of rubber feeling finish that's almost soft to the touch.

Honestly, I would usually go for something minimal (usually black or white lol, definitely not colourful) but I couldn't resist the cats, so there you go.  

x G


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