Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Calvin Klein

bomber // topshop 
jeans // asos
bag // urban outfitters
trainers // adidas via footasylum 

First things first: I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA. If you check out my blog often then you might be able to tell that the quality of these images is a lot better than they previously were. Not to say that my Nikon d5100 was shit, but my new Canon 700d (I am so happy I can write that) and 50mm 1.8 lens are A BLOGGER'S DREAM. And an amateur photographer's dream tbh. My unskilled boyfriend handled them very well. Also isn't it great to see pictures on my blog that weren't taken in my bedroom? :D Now on to the outfit...

I usually try not to buy into trends, especially when they involve £45 t-shirts, but I couldn't resist it. Wearing CK immediately gives that relaxed 90s vibe and makes me think of Kate Moss. I'm also wearing my new Stan Smiths. I didn't see myself getting another pair after my zebra/white editions, but I got quite a bit of discount on them and they're just such an easy shoe to style up.

x G


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  1. love the vintage calvin klein t-shirt :)



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