Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit

wrap bodysuit // pretty little thing
skirt // ark
stan smith trainers // adidas via footasylum

Sooo... boobylicious or what? Now I am not hiding a huge load of boob under here, and if I was then I think I'd definitely require some kind of bra or boob tape! But as I'm a smaller chested gal and proud, I'm sans bra and letting it all hang out... almost literally because they are almost falling out. I think I might need some nipple covers. Genuinely. Help, advice on leaving the house in this ;p All that aside I love the bodysuit, I think it's gorgeous and the price (a tenner) is fab. I have to give it to Chloe of The Little Plum because I saw this on her blog first and totes copied. 

x G


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