Sunday, 3 May 2015

April Bloggers Style File

I still can't quite believe April is over, so this post just feels weird. April was a good month blogger-wise for really simplistic outfits with specific pieces just killing it.

ebba // ebbazingmark

Ebba is one of my favourite non-UK bloggers. I discovered her through Lookbook and I am very envious of her trainer collection. I adore this outfit in particular cos it's a mixture of three of my favourite things: baby blue, oversized tailoring and white trainers. <3

lydia // fashion influx

I've always loved Lydia's fashion posts, but I'm enjoying all the lifestyle posts she's been putting out recently as well. Besides just loving how simple this outfit is, I'm always inspired by how good her pictures look taken inside her house. As someone who also has to deal with the tripod-in-the-bedroom life, it's nice to be reminded that you don't need an exotic background. 

The striped co-ord is well nice, and I like the little add-ons. Nice shades and the over the shoulder bumbag... which shouldn't work but looks so 'I just threw this on, I don't even care' cool. 

isabella // isabellathordsen

Last but not least, I of course discovered Isabella because she's an ASOS stylist. She's pretty much the go to for white and denim basics, and I'm always checking out her picks on the website. I'm seeing suede jackets everywhere and it does add a touch of colour but it's not too much. Again, doing taken-inside-the-house blog photos well #inspo

That's it for April. Hope you enjoyed. Please comment if you felt inspired, I neeeeed to find more fashion blogs to read and support, and I don't know where to start looking. 

x G

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