Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Timberland 6 Inch Boot "Off White"

image via Highsnobiety

Oh my lord, how amazing are these?! It feels like all the footwear I want ends up being limited edition and usually more expensive. Thankfully, if you wanted to get these they're still around the usual £160, although they're possibly only available in America. 

These days I am obsessed with simplicity and a really minimal colour palette. If I were ever to get Timberlands I would have gone for the all black, but now I've seen these off whites I feel like the black are just whatever. Admittedly I became aware of these because Kylie Jenner wore either this exact colour or a slightly darker one at Coachella the weekend just gone. I am comforted knowing I'd probably just f*ck them up if I owned them. They don't look easy to clean.

What do you think of these? I'm really getting into posting wants/finds and wish-lists on my blog. Giving inspo where I can!

x G

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