Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover (Extra Strength)

Hello! So, my first non-make up product review. Colour B4 is used to remove permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. I have used it twice and had different results both times for specific reasons. I used it the second time a month ago and thought I'd give it a review!

Firstly, Colour B4 does work. So if you're reading this desperately hoping to get some crappy colour out of your hair, it will be your saviour. But the result will depend on the colour of dye in your hair. The first time I used it I was removing permanent cyber purple hair colour. I'd had enough of the constant dyeing and the bad roots. It completely removed the purple... but my hair turned kind of orange. A quick google and apparently it's a typical result when removing purple. My hair is originally brown so I quickly dyed over the orange with a medium brown and my hair was back to "normal".

In September I had a lot of my old blonde cut out, and then dyed over the rest with a semi-permanent dark brown. Six months later and my hair was three colours: root-growth, leftover medium brown in the middle, washed out light brown on the remaining bleach. I used Colour B4 over everything but the roots to take out the semi-permanent brown and bring the blonde back so the ombre looked well, more ombre. Result? The blonde is a tad browney still but much lighter, and my hair is all one colour at the top. A general success!

Some things to consider:
It absolutely wreaks. Like eggs. It's bearable and you get used to it, but yeah, it smells.

You have to wash it out for 10-15 minutes. It doesn't sound that long but it is when you're timing it. 

I used extra-strength both times because I was removing a dark hair colour. You won't need extra-strength if you're removing a light brown or blonde, so the results might vary from mine.

You'll be lucky to get the original colour you had back, but you can always just dye over it with your "natural" colour to achieve the original look. 

The price ranges where you go. I think it was cheaper in Boots and I got it for £9.99, whereas it was somewhere around £11-12 in Superdrug.

Good luck!
x G

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