Sunday, 19 April 2015

Every Day Face Update and Review (Estee Lauder Double Wear, Nars Matte Multiple, Benefit Watt's Up...)

estee lauder double wear "shell" £29.50
nars matte multiple "altai" £29/30 (bought for £27)
rimmel blush "santa rose" £3.99

I've updated my general face make up recently with some new products, both super cheap and high end. Some are amazing and some are average. Quicky review time!

Estee Lauder foundation - Bought this to combat my super oily skin and it is amazing. I highly recommend it. It's not a miracle worker but very good. I might change my shade to the lightest neutral shade next time, I think "shell" is a touch too pink.

Rimmel concealer - This concealer is pretty good. I use the full coverage Collection concealer (called lasting perfection) on my spots and I've been using this under my eyes. I wouldn't say it's as full coverage as it claims to be, but it is creamy and I like that consistency under my eyes as it blends better and creases less.

L'oreal primer - I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference with this primer, and if I've not noticed a difference I guess it isn't doing much. I think I'll try the Too Faced primer once I've used this up. It isn't greasy though so that's good.

Nars Matte Multiple - This product is SO EXPENSIVE but very, very good. I use it for contouring and I have to say it doesn't go anywhere once it's on, and that's a big feat when you've got oily skin. I love it. One downside: LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. It doesn't affect the product but how cheap does that look and I've only had it four months. 

Rimmel blush - Not much to say about this blush. It's very pretty and I've been using it as a dupe for Nars "orgasm". I don't think it stays on for that long but I don't exactly pile on the product either.

Benefit Watt's Up - Another expensive product that I just couldn't resist buying. It is gorgeous and I do feel all pretty and glowy with it on my cheekbones. It is more golden than I would like but I'll address that next..

MUA highlighter - I use this pink toned highlighter over the top of Watt's Up. This highlighter needs quite a lot of product to show up, that's why it's perfect to use over the top of another highlighter. Watt's Up shows up beautifully after one sweep of product, and then I apply a little of this MUA highlighter for two reasons. 1. To mattify Watt's Up and make it last longer. 2. The pink and silvery tones combat the gold tones in Watt's Up that I'm not as fond of.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews and they've helped you decide whether to pick something up or give it a miss. 

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  1. Watts Up is such a stunning product! I must start using it more!
    xprincessjas | ♥


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