Sunday, 12 April 2015

Girls On Film Culottes

crop // topshop
culottes // girls on film via asos
trainers // new balance
watch // casio

Culottes... *insert heart eyes emoji here*. Chucked them into a casual and simple outfit because I really wanted to show them off without anything else distracting from them. These are a lovely pair from ASOS and they're the brand Girls On Film. They're unfortunately out of stock now because I got them on sale - £40 down to £12! They're quite a smart pair because they're made of er... I don't know what it's called, the kind of material that "smart" trousers are usually made of lol. So technical. I love the wide leg and how they fall to my calf rather than my knee. They aren't for everyone, and your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably hate them unless they're into fashion *rolls eyes at their lack of style* ;p   

In honour of my beautiful culottes I created a styling up culottes lookbook on my YT channel... check it out here or down below :)

x G


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