Monday, 13 April 2015

Creamy Beige & Ghoulish (Lime Crime "Cashmere" Dupe)

maybelline colour tattoo in "creamy beige"
LAsplash cosmetics liquid lipstick in "ghoulish"

These two products are my two favourite things to put on my face at the moment. Creamy Beige is a lovely beige that I've been piling into my crease for a muted eye look that adds some definition but also looks as if nothing is there. I could do with a good eyeshadow primer to make it stay longer, but it's a nice consistency and I adore the colour. It looks so good with all the pinky nude lip products I've been obsessed with.

Ghoulish is a liquid lipstick that turns matte upon application. It's an odd but gorgeous colour that has elements of pink and brown but has a distinctly grey tinge. Basically, Lime Crime got Cashmere back in stock and I've heard all the bad things about the brand so really didn't want to buy it. Instead, I hunted on google for a dupe. Ghoulish is less pink than Cashmere but it is a great dupe. As I'm in the UK I had to order it from a random American website called All Cosmetics Wholesale. I bloody love it. Check out this blog to see a comparison between the two lip colours and see just how similar they are. 

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