Tuesday, 28 April 2015

adidas Originals EQT Racing OG (White/Black)

adidas EQT racing // size?

Oh my, am I happy I got these. I won't be surprised if they sell out so I'm glad they came to my attention right around payday. I fell in love with these other EQTs last year and never got my hands on them. In a way I'm glad because I think I actually prefer the black over green (not sure if I'm kidding myself tbh, who knows). They're super comfy ofc and offer a lot of breathability, as you can imagine. I am going to have to get some invisible socks though - the ones that are just for the bottom of your feet - because I hate not wearing socks in my trainers and I don't think these trainers are meant for full on socks. 

What do you think? Not for you? The literal trainers of your dreams?

x G


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