Tuesday, 28 April 2015

adidas Originals EQT Racing OG (White/Black)

adidas EQT racing // size?

Oh my, am I happy I got these. I won't be surprised if they sell out so I'm glad they came to my attention right around payday. I fell in love with these other EQTs last year and never got my hands on them. In a way I'm glad because I think I actually prefer the black over green (not sure if I'm kidding myself tbh, who knows). They're super comfy ofc and offer a lot of breathability, as you can imagine. I am going to have to get some invisible socks though - the ones that are just for the bottom of your feet - because I hate not wearing socks in my trainers and I don't think these trainers are meant for full on socks. 

What do you think? Not for you? The literal trainers of your dreams?

x G


Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

I really want a trench coat and the ones I see either aren't perfect enough or are perfect and just way too expensive. help. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

NYX Cosmetics Blush in "Taupe"

nyx blush in "taupe" via amazon 

I'm not the first and I won't be the last person to talk about this blush. I got it for £9 on amazon but it must have sold out from the seller that sent it to me, because the only link I could find had it priced at £20. Jeez. You can buy nyx products from their UK website but a lot of the stuff is sold out. 

I first heard about this blush from my favourite YouTuber Sarah Hawkinson. She uses it as a contour powder, and after months of applying bronzer as my contour I thought I would give this a go. I'm very pale and sometimes I think bronzer can look too warm on me. As you can gather from the name it's a taupe colour, and it works really well on pale skin. To create my contour I first apply the NARS matte multiple in "altai" where I want my contour, blend that in with a sponge, then apply the nyx blush over the top. Both of these products create a really nice contour together and layering the two means it doesn't shift for the entire day :)

 x G


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Double Denim Shades

denim jacket // vintage levi's 
vest // topshop
jeans // topshop

Nope, I don't have shoes on. I couldn't decide what shoes to put with this outfit so I tried to imagine I'd wear this hanging around barefoot on grass in the summer. I'm excited to whack out the denim jackets again now that it's a little warmer :)

x G


Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

Your Monday morning inspirations for the week right here...

nasty gal maison scotch ambush leather fringe jacket (on sale at £237.69) - okay world's most expensive fringe jacket lol but SO BEAUTIFUL.
acacia brinley c/o tumblr - inspiring me to forego my contact lenses for my glasses more. Also I have no clue who this girl is but apparently she's Tumblr famous. Oh Tumblr.
light before dark crepe trench coat (£86) - again, another expensive one, but how utterly gorgeous is this trench? I want, I want. 
teva original universal sandal (£34.99) - soz if you think these are gross but I've kind of been craving a pair. The ones I've linked are men's so only available in a size 7 upwards, but there are girl options out there too. Socks and sandals for summer, anyone?

x G

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Every Day Face Update and Review (Estee Lauder Double Wear, Nars Matte Multiple, Benefit Watt's Up...)

estee lauder double wear "shell" £29.50
nars matte multiple "altai" £29/30 (bought for £27)
rimmel blush "santa rose" £3.99

I've updated my general face make up recently with some new products, both super cheap and high end. Some are amazing and some are average. Quicky review time!

Estee Lauder foundation - Bought this to combat my super oily skin and it is amazing. I highly recommend it. It's not a miracle worker but very good. I might change my shade to the lightest neutral shade next time, I think "shell" is a touch too pink.

Rimmel concealer - This concealer is pretty good. I use the full coverage Collection concealer (called lasting perfection) on my spots and I've been using this under my eyes. I wouldn't say it's as full coverage as it claims to be, but it is creamy and I like that consistency under my eyes as it blends better and creases less.

L'oreal primer - I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference with this primer, and if I've not noticed a difference I guess it isn't doing much. I think I'll try the Too Faced primer once I've used this up. It isn't greasy though so that's good.

Nars Matte Multiple - This product is SO EXPENSIVE but very, very good. I use it for contouring and I have to say it doesn't go anywhere once it's on, and that's a big feat when you've got oily skin. I love it. One downside: LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. It doesn't affect the product but how cheap does that look and I've only had it four months. 

Rimmel blush - Not much to say about this blush. It's very pretty and I've been using it as a dupe for Nars "orgasm". I don't think it stays on for that long but I don't exactly pile on the product either.

Benefit Watt's Up - Another expensive product that I just couldn't resist buying. It is gorgeous and I do feel all pretty and glowy with it on my cheekbones. It is more golden than I would like but I'll address that next..

MUA highlighter - I use this pink toned highlighter over the top of Watt's Up. This highlighter needs quite a lot of product to show up, that's why it's perfect to use over the top of another highlighter. Watt's Up shows up beautifully after one sweep of product, and then I apply a little of this MUA highlighter for two reasons. 1. To mattify Watt's Up and make it last longer. 2. The pink and silvery tones combat the gold tones in Watt's Up that I'm not as fond of.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews and they've helped you decide whether to pick something up or give it a miss. 

x G


Friday, 17 April 2015

Jersey ASOS Culottes

tee // asos
cropped trousers // asos
cardigan // topshop
stan smiths // adidas via footasylum

So, off the back of buying my smart culottes, I felt the need to buy some super comfy ones that I could lounge around the house in and that were nice and stretchy. These one from asos are on sale for a tenner so very decent! And they have pockets :D

x G


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Timberland 6 Inch Boot "Off White"

image via Highsnobiety

Oh my lord, how amazing are these?! It feels like all the footwear I want ends up being limited edition and usually more expensive. Thankfully, if you wanted to get these they're still around the usual £160, although they're possibly only available in America. 

These days I am obsessed with simplicity and a really minimal colour palette. If I were ever to get Timberlands I would have gone for the all black, but now I've seen these off whites I feel like the black are just whatever. Admittedly I became aware of these because Kylie Jenner wore either this exact colour or a slightly darker one at Coachella the weekend just gone. I am comforted knowing I'd probably just f*ck them up if I owned them. They don't look easy to clean.

What do you think of these? I'm really getting into posting wants/finds and wish-lists on my blog. Giving inspo where I can!

x G

Monday, 13 April 2015

Creamy Beige & Ghoulish (Lime Crime "Cashmere" Dupe)

maybelline colour tattoo in "creamy beige"
LAsplash cosmetics liquid lipstick in "ghoulish"

These two products are my two favourite things to put on my face at the moment. Creamy Beige is a lovely beige that I've been piling into my crease for a muted eye look that adds some definition but also looks as if nothing is there. I could do with a good eyeshadow primer to make it stay longer, but it's a nice consistency and I adore the colour. It looks so good with all the pinky nude lip products I've been obsessed with.

Ghoulish is a liquid lipstick that turns matte upon application. It's an odd but gorgeous colour that has elements of pink and brown but has a distinctly grey tinge. Basically, Lime Crime got Cashmere back in stock and I've heard all the bad things about the brand so really didn't want to buy it. Instead, I hunted on google for a dupe. Ghoulish is less pink than Cashmere but it is a great dupe. As I'm in the UK I had to order it from a random American website called All Cosmetics Wholesale. I bloody love it. Check out this blog to see a comparison between the two lip colours and see just how similar they are. 

x G


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Girls On Film Culottes

crop // topshop
culottes // girls on film via asos
trainers // new balance
watch // casio

Culottes... *insert heart eyes emoji here*. Chucked them into a casual and simple outfit because I really wanted to show them off without anything else distracting from them. These are a lovely pair from ASOS and they're the brand Girls On Film. They're unfortunately out of stock now because I got them on sale - £40 down to £12! They're quite a smart pair because they're made of er... I don't know what it's called, the kind of material that "smart" trousers are usually made of lol. So technical. I love the wide leg and how they fall to my calf rather than my knee. They aren't for everyone, and your boyfriend or girlfriend will probably hate them unless they're into fashion *rolls eyes at their lack of style* ;p   

In honour of my beautiful culottes I created a styling up culottes lookbook on my YT channel... check it out here or down below :)

x G


Thursday, 9 April 2015

adidas Originals ZX Flux Slip On (Granite)

adidas zx flux slip on // footasylum

To be completely honest I've never been a big fan of the Flux silhouette. Apart from the triple white, none of them called to me, and I found them a bit whatever. On a separate note, I started considering a pair of adidas Y-3s. They're high-end creations if you don't know, that cost around £250 a pop and are the most hideous yet aesthetically pleasing trainers. So ugly but beautiful. I guess in the way that I know wide-leg culottes don't look good but at the same time they look so good. All of this culminated in me buying these Flux Slip Ons when they came out last week (you can see other colourways here). 

The Slip On is basically giving me the monochrome, ugly/beautiful vibe of the Y-3 but almost £200 cheaper. adidas have removed the three stripe branding from the sides and have replaced the laces with elastic straps, which look similar to that of the Y-3 Qasa (the one I was eyeing up the most). They look like a high end shoe but they're more streamlined and less bulky than the Y-3s. In terms of how they actually feel on, they've very supportive under the foot (as a result of the awesome adidas Torsion support system), and the mesh upper is all squishy and breathable for the toes. 

I am really excited to get styling them up in future posts!

x G


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover (Extra Strength)

Hello! So, my first non-make up product review. Colour B4 is used to remove permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. I have used it twice and had different results both times for specific reasons. I used it the second time a month ago and thought I'd give it a review!

Firstly, Colour B4 does work. So if you're reading this desperately hoping to get some crappy colour out of your hair, it will be your saviour. But the result will depend on the colour of dye in your hair. The first time I used it I was removing permanent cyber purple hair colour. I'd had enough of the constant dyeing and the bad roots. It completely removed the purple... but my hair turned kind of orange. A quick google and apparently it's a typical result when removing purple. My hair is originally brown so I quickly dyed over the orange with a medium brown and my hair was back to "normal".

In September I had a lot of my old blonde cut out, and then dyed over the rest with a semi-permanent dark brown. Six months later and my hair was three colours: root-growth, leftover medium brown in the middle, washed out light brown on the remaining bleach. I used Colour B4 over everything but the roots to take out the semi-permanent brown and bring the blonde back so the ombre looked well, more ombre. Result? The blonde is a tad browney still but much lighter, and my hair is all one colour at the top. A general success!

Some things to consider:
It absolutely wreaks. Like eggs. It's bearable and you get used to it, but yeah, it smells.

You have to wash it out for 10-15 minutes. It doesn't sound that long but it is when you're timing it. 

I used extra-strength both times because I was removing a dark hair colour. You won't need extra-strength if you're removing a light brown or blonde, so the results might vary from mine.

You'll be lucky to get the original colour you had back, but you can always just dye over it with your "natural" colour to achieve the original look. 

The price ranges where you go. I think it was cheaper in Boots and I got it for £9.99, whereas it was somewhere around £11-12 in Superdrug.

Good luck!
x G

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

adidas Apparel

t-shirt // adidas originals via asos (sold out)
jeans // asos
lips // "tiramisu" rimmel lip liner

I am so happy I got hold of this t-shirt. I spotted it online and it was only available in a size 14 but I snapped it up. I desperately wanted the sweater version a few months ago but I think it sold out from Urban Outfitters really quickly. Who cares cos we're in Spring now, t-shirts are better ;) Thoughts?

x G


Monday, 6 April 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

1. adidas Originals ZX Flux Slip-on in grey and onix. I'm getting these in black, but how beautiful are the grey style?  
2. Came across this Tumblr dedicated to normcore and it's given me some good inspiration when it comes to the many ways you can style blue jeans.
3. My newest fave Instagram comes from @divahollands whose make up I am in awe of! 
4. The Calvin Klein 90s are back and this Tumblr is just pictures of girls rocking Calvins. I need my hands on more. 

x G


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Oversized ASOS Sweater & Tiramisu Lip Liner

I'm surprised it's taken me so long to buy a plain grey sweater, and now I finally have one. It's also quite thin which is good as we're starting to see Spring weather. I'm also happy to have yet another nude in my lip liner collection. 

My March Favourites vid is also up if you fancy seeing other things I've been enjoying.

x G


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Topshop Peep Toe Boots

cardigan // topshop
tee // asos
jeans // asos
sandals // topshop
bag // urban outfitters

What's going on? I'm wearing sandals. Open-back, peep-toe sandals. Who even am I anymore? I walked in to Topshop two weeks ago, saw them, tried them on and took them to the till. I am also having a love affair with this bag that is actually one of my mom's cast offs. It's real leather and fits a surprising amount of stuff in it. 

x G

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