Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring Cleaning

It happens to be a coincidence that my so called Spring Clean that took place on Sunday fell just as we are about to enter Spring. I think the first day of Spring is in about ten days? Either way, Spring is coming quickly, and I can hardly believe we're in March already. This time last year I was living it up at Uni... although if I remember correctly my dissertation was due in very soon so I think I was "living it up" in the library right about now. It's therapeutic and good for the mind to clear out old things, throw away the unused and unwanted, and generally just make the most of your physical space. 

I had my last big room clean when I moved back home from Uni last summer. I tore down the wall of old posters, repainted the walls white and moved my bed to a new position. I also threw out rubbish that had collected in my drawers whilst I'd been living between two homes. Turning my old room into a "new" room helped me come to terms with the fact I was back living with my parents for the next year.

This weekend was different. My room had been a mess in general, but the biggest mess was my wardrobe. It was filled with clothes I didn't wear that I didn't want to let go of, or that didn't feel like "me" anymore. I filled three bin bags! The stuff is mostly going to charity and some of it is going on eBay. The image above shows the "after". My drawer which had been filled to the top with old t-shirts now houses some shoes that had previously been chucked under my bed. As you can see I've also now fully accepted the new colour scheme that I have been drawn to for the last year.

Clearing out the old stuff makes you feel oddly positive about life. I would highly recommended having a huge clean and clear out this weekend! I can take on the world now that my wardrobe has been organised into categories.

x G

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