Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I read this article the other week (courtesy of High Snob) and found it really interesting. It's all about the death of normcore, and to sum it up, how it simply appeared and disappeared, because it was only ever hype. Now honestly how silly is the word "normcore". That having been said, I don't consider myself much of a trend follower but if this is a trend then I guess I've followed it. My favourite things to wear lately seem to be blue jeans, white tees, white shirts, plain cardigans... I could go on. I haven't bought into it because of hype, I think I've bought into it because it's easy. It's fuss-free and thoughtless to throw an outfit together from a wardrobe of things that all match. If an outfit doesn't look plain then I'm not really into it. Sounds boring but the most beautiful outfits to me right now are utterly minimalistic.  

x G

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  1. I'm all for minimal style atm! I love the whole less is more movement in fashion.
    Great post - I'm definitely a new fan of your blog! x



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