Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Bloggers Style File (LFW Edition)

A quick little February Style File post to celebrate a few of my favourite looks from bloggers attending LFW this month. I stand by the fact that I take more inspiration from bloggers than I do from anywhere else, be that fashion magazines or catwalks. I like to peruse Vogue now and again, but I prefer genuine personal style and that's what you tend to get with fashion bloggers. I like to see how someone would actually style something up IRL!

erika // erika bowes

Erika said she was working FW in her post? Erm. I wish I'd looked this good working. I love that everything in the outfit is so simple and works perfectly. I love the culottes, I love the beanie, love love love.

megan // pages by megan

Megan is one of my favourite bloggers, and possibly the only blogger I follow that will do any and all trends magically. So this is the seventies trend werkin' obvs. I don't know if I like the ripped dungees the most or the jacket. The green and grey looks amaazing.

Georgia wrote in her post that she felt a season behind but I think everyone's still mad for tailored vibes at the minute, so totally on top of it for me. I really want a suit and I'm very inspired to go out and buy a pinstripe suit now. 

This outfit isn't on Sarah's blog (as of right now), so this image is from her Instagram. I mean she's clearly working Kimmy K! I am obsessed with this outfit, especially the clutch which I hadn't seen in this colour until now. I like lots of variations of one colour in one outfit and all these shades of beige and camel are just <3 <3

On to March! Thanks for reading.

x G


  1. I really like the last two outfits :)

    Vivi x

  2. Erika Bowes is one of my favorite bloggers too, love her style a lot. :)



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