Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Bloggers Style File

alex // alex's closet

An amazing bomber to go with my favourite pick from the Nike floral city pack. Very jel. I'm also constantly impressed by the standard of photography from Alex's blog. 

visa // 1finedai

I love the combination of casual sportswear (Nike top) and tailored pieces. I'm not usually a heels girl but I am very inspired.

Sweater of the month goes to....  this gorgeous Acne piece AND it has a turtle neck. 

roos-anne // moderosa

Fringing is everywhere at the minute and I love this Zara clutch! I'm also into any outfit that involves Stella McCartney platforms and a darker lip. 

x G


Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

@rachelteetyler 's amazing puma kicks
perrie edwards' fringe jacket 
ellie goulding's new hair 
finding @lissyroddyy on instagram and loving her minimalist style

Thought I'd start another new section on my blog. Monday morning inspirations to take me through the week, that I discovered the week before. Enjoy!

x G

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Benefit "Watt's Up" Review

Watt's Up by benefit // debenhams 

I bought Watt's Up on Thursday very spur of the moment. I've only recently started to purchase more high end products, and at £24.50 this is a pretty expensive product. I'd seen it used by others and had it on my make up wish list, and when I walked past the Debenhams Benefit counter I saw it and couldn't resist (it was also the day after pay day!) My verdict is that it's a stunning, long lasting highlight and I'm very happy with it :) I wouldn't say it's worth almost £25 but would anyone ever be able to say that about a highlighter? It's more of a gold shade than I thought it would be, and from the swatches I was expecting more of a silvery white shade but it's still very pretty. See for yourself below and apologies for my chapped lips, winter is a bitch.

x G


Friday, 27 March 2015

Goodbye Winter ft New Balance

jumper // primark
pleather dress // primark
trainers // new balance via footasylum

I had quite a random 5 days off blogging this week. I've been off work and doing adult things like going to the bank and the dentist. I even attended my first blogging event at the Burns Jewellers reopening. This outfit is basically an ode to winter, as it is now over. Although one of my friends complained of frost on her car yesterday so maybe it's not quite over. I think it is time to put away the warm knits though, and seeing as I only got this jumper at Christmas I really wanted to style it into one last outfit. I've also never worn this pleather dress for you before! I don't really like the shape as a dress, but I think it works here as a skirt ^.^

x G


Monday, 23 March 2015

Outfit Inspired By: Clueless

shirt // h&m
skirt // ark
loafers // asos
choker // vivienne westwood

So this is an "inspired by" outfit, but it's definitely just taking inspiration and not downright copying, because the outfits are quite different. The outfit right at the bottom is one of my favourites from Clueless. I love the long almost see-through shirt, and the checked skirt peeking through. Also still obsessed with my beautiful choker so had to get that on. I have to say I generally dress quite tailored and masculine these days, but I do like mixing it up and looking a touch more feminine when it takes my fancy. 

x G


Friday, 20 March 2015

Salt & Pepper Topshop Cardigan

speckled cardigan // topshop
shirt // h&m
leggings // monki via asos

This cardigan is actually a maternity cardigan. I was on the hunt for a long cardie that would be good in Spring as well (side note: It's the first day of Spring today!), and I happened on this one in the maternity section of Topshop. I don't know if they sell it in normal size and I don't really care. It doesn't look like maternity clothes and that's all that matters.  I'm also still obsessed with my new New Balance. I would say they're the comfiest trainers I've ever owned, but my Nike Roshes might just slide into first place on that one. This long white shirt is new as well, but I'll have a chat about it in a future post, I've rambled on enough.

x G


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Holographic Trend

I've accidentally gathered a small collection of holographic bits. The bag is Monki from last year, the purse I got in the Christmas Topshop sale and the slip-ons are from Office. The slip-ons I am still trying to break in as they are very stiff, but I'm hoping I'll manage it in time for Spring/Summer. The purse is my fave because I love pulling such a jazzy purse out of a black handbag. 

x G

P.S. If I was a heels girl I'd get these mermaid shoes from Missguided next...


Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I read this article the other week (courtesy of High Snob) and found it really interesting. It's all about the death of normcore, and to sum it up, how it simply appeared and disappeared, because it was only ever hype. Now honestly how silly is the word "normcore". That having been said, I don't consider myself much of a trend follower but if this is a trend then I guess I've followed it. My favourite things to wear lately seem to be blue jeans, white tees, white shirts, plain cardigans... I could go on. I haven't bought into it because of hype, I think I've bought into it because it's easy. It's fuss-free and thoughtless to throw an outfit together from a wardrobe of things that all match. If an outfit doesn't look plain then I'm not really into it. Sounds boring but the most beautiful outfits to me right now are utterly minimalistic.  

x G

Monday, 16 March 2015

White Roll-Neck & Stone Lip Liner

sweater // h&m
jeans // asos
dr marten boots // footasylum
bracelet // gift 
lips // "stone" (mac)

I have a new love of my life and it is in the form of this off-white H&M sweater. It is the roll-neck sweater of dreams. It's also not a knit, which means it's the perfect roll-neck for Spring because you won't be that idiot wearing knits in April because you can't let the roll-neck dream die. I'm still loving my "Stone" lip liner by Mac, and it definitely adds a gothic twist. I think my Dr Martens carry that theme on as well. 


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Brandy Melville

shirt // h&m
dress // brandy melville
boots // asos

Took a random 2 day blogging break this week. For some reason this week has been really tiring and I'm spending my Saturday night drinking vanilla chai tea and eating Chinese food with a film. Bliss. I picked this dress up during LFW because I was desperate to have a look in the Brandy Melville just off Carnaby Street in London. Honestly, if I had the money I could have bought half the shop. After about 30 minutes of umming and erring and holding different things up, I settled on this mini-dress. It's a thick ribbed knit texture but doesn't feel like you're wearing a heavy knit, so still good for Spring.

x G


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring Cleaning

It happens to be a coincidence that my so called Spring Clean that took place on Sunday fell just as we are about to enter Spring. I think the first day of Spring is in about ten days? Either way, Spring is coming quickly, and I can hardly believe we're in March already. This time last year I was living it up at Uni... although if I remember correctly my dissertation was due in very soon so I think I was "living it up" in the library right about now. It's therapeutic and good for the mind to clear out old things, throw away the unused and unwanted, and generally just make the most of your physical space. 

I had my last big room clean when I moved back home from Uni last summer. I tore down the wall of old posters, repainted the walls white and moved my bed to a new position. I also threw out rubbish that had collected in my drawers whilst I'd been living between two homes. Turning my old room into a "new" room helped me come to terms with the fact I was back living with my parents for the next year.

This weekend was different. My room had been a mess in general, but the biggest mess was my wardrobe. It was filled with clothes I didn't wear that I didn't want to let go of, or that didn't feel like "me" anymore. I filled three bin bags! The stuff is mostly going to charity and some of it is going on eBay. The image above shows the "after". My drawer which had been filled to the top with old t-shirts now houses some shoes that had previously been chucked under my bed. As you can see I've also now fully accepted the new colour scheme that I have been drawn to for the last year.

Clearing out the old stuff makes you feel oddly positive about life. I would highly recommended having a huge clean and clear out this weekend! I can take on the world now that my wardrobe has been organised into categories.

x G

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The ASOS Duster Coat

duster coat // asos
tee // asos
leggings // river island
loafers // asos
watch // casio
lips // "stone" (mac)

If it wasn't for the leggings this would be an all Asos outfit! I actually get mocked at work these days because of my "obsession" with Asos. I have a premier account so it's just a hell of a lot easier to order something with free next day delivery rather than waiting 5 working days and paying £3.99. Soz. I love Asos.

Now, on to the outfit. I have wanted a duster coat since the start of the year but I patiently waited until March because I didn't want it to have to sit in my wardrobe for 3 months. It's still a touch too cold for it, but I was keen to show it off anyway. It's a pretty popular duster coat, but I can see why. It's a good, thick quality and a perfect black. It's so sleek and long, with a lovely V cut when buttoned together, and the price was very decent (I bought this on sale for just over £30.)

I should also note that if you didn't see my previous blog post, I am wearing Stone lip liner by Mac in these photos. It looks very dark in these photos and it's a bit lighter IRL!

x G


Monday, 9 March 2015

Mac 'Stone' Lip Liner

I was inspired by this gorgeous picture of one of my fave YouTubers (Samantha of BatalashBeauty or found at @ssssamanthaa) to pick up the Mac lip liner in 'Stone'. It was originally out of stock but I signed up to the Mac mailer to be informed of its return, and it is now in my possession :D.

Now, looking at it on Samantha and on many pictures I saw, it appears to be a light grey brown. Now Idk if it's changed since or she used a filter that changed the colour, but it is nowhere near that pale. It is a dark, sultry, greyish brown and it's gorgeous. I have a few Mac lipsticks but this is my first pencil. I don't know if the consistency varies, but I found Stone didn't warm and soften on the lips. So lining my lips was perfect, but covering the lips was a long process because it didn't want to blend. Once I had it on though it looked gorgeous, was completely matte and long lasting, and the colour was flawless.

x G

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