Friday, 20 February 2015

Vintage Leather

leather jacket // vintage 
jumper // river island (old)
jeans // asos (similar here)
loafers // asos
rings // h&m

This stunning leather jacket is a vintage leather from the 80s; my lovely cousin gave it to me when I was 15. I was going through a grungy phase in my teens and wore it with my skinny jeans, converse, side fringe and Dr Marten boots. I haven't worn it for a few years because I associated it too much with the memory of dressing a bit... emo. I spotted it in the depths of my wardrobe the other day and pulled it out to have another look at the cut and fit of it. In my memory it was hugely oversized, but it's actually only bigger around the shoulders, and the cut is actually quite cropped. Basically it's coming back out to stay. It has a new place at the front of my wardrobe. 

I picked a cosy winter jumper (which originally belonged to my mama - mom's got style), and my recently purchases ASOS loafers. Tailored vibez + grunge vibez = a good outfit day.


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