Thursday, 19 February 2015

Eyeliner Inspo

I have a long list of girls that inspire me to experiment with make up or try new things. @marycake (above) is top of that list. Her Instagram is just...*many OK sign emojis*. I love the elongated brows, dramatic cheek contour and especially the cat eyeliner. See how she takes it down to the inner corner? I thought I'd give that a go myself. It looks punk inspired but isn't too dramatic for every day.

My free days and nights are spent flicking through Instagram and Tumblr (usually whilst doing other things, mind - major multitasking) and finding sources of inspiration. I don't like getting jealous of other girls. It's more helpful to think "daym they're doing themselves well, I'm going to do myself well". So that's what this post is about really: see inspiration, go out and be inspiration. 

x G

I gave it a go and I actually really like it. My only concern is how to stop it from bleeding into the corner of my eye and getting messy... tips?

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