Friday, 30 January 2015

January Bloggers Style File

I know a lot of bloggers do this kind of thing now, and I really like posts like this. I always find new blogs to follow from these posts, and it's a good excuse to just give some love! I'll post one of these at the end of each month and hopefully I'll inspire someone to give these amazing blogs a visit. ^.^

chloe // the little plum 

I do blogger outreach as part of my job, so I found Chloe's blog whilst stumbling around bloglovin looking for someone new. Her blog in general is gorgeous, but this outfit in particular is soooo nice. I am all about tailoring and trainers, but the cosy jumper just completes the look by adding that new texture. All that together with the chic bun. Love this.

bryony // bealea

I came across Bryony whilst having a nosy through the #fbloggers tag on Instagram. That was only a couple of weeks ago and she's a firm favourite now! Besides the fact she's wearing trainers which will make any outfit a winner for me, I love the combination of the huge coat and roll-neck with a pair of joggers. I'm also inspired to try and combine this many grey tones in one outfit.

yanin // i dress myselff

Okay, Yanin's blog/YouTube are huge so she doesn't need any help... but I can't pass up mentioning this outfit. I'm not even into animal print and would never consider buying these boots, but by paring such a big print with other low-key items she's making me want them. This is the mark of a good blogger. Mixing a grey basic with blue jeans is a combo from my own heart, and I'm also a fan of the super long scarf. A+

clarissa // vintage doll risa

There wasn't a way to link to this particular post of Clarissa's, so I just had to link to her whole blog (which is fine because all the posts are gorg). I love this post in particular because hey, I just love grey and the many shades of grey there are to possibly combine. I went straight on to asos to check out these items she's wearing and daym they aren't cheap, but look how stunning they are. Also loving her dark lipstick choice to go with. <3

leanne // this is leanne

I actually discovered Leanne's blog because she followed me (thanks Leanne ^.^) and I'm glad she did. For one thing, I love her hair. I'm always trying to get my hair to do that soft middle parting and it just won't work with me. Leanne's outfit is super simple, I just like leather paired with a soft jumper (props for the sky blue) and she's also inspiring me to go out and pick up a pair of pointy flats.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

x G

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