Sunday, 18 January 2015

Casual With Stan

t-shirt dress // topman
adidas stan smith // footasylum

Ahh I love my new trainers. I've not owned a pair of Stan Smith trainers before, so I've been playing around this weekend with how to style them. As the zebra print on the heel is a bit jazzy as well, I've found it best to keep everything else basic and minimal. Lots of grey and black, and letting the shoe pretty much run the outfit. I picked this long-sleeved top up in Topman very recently. It's a v affordable £16 and I loved the colour, kind of a creamy grey... if that's even a thing. It's very short (as it's meant to be a long top on a dude) so be aware of ya bum at all times. Apologies for the lighting in two of these pictures btw, spanner over here forgot to turn the bedroom light off... got to love that yellow glow. 

I also did a lookbook/styling video on my YT to show off my new kicks, so please see the bottom of this post if you fancy watching it! 

x G


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  1. Obsessed with your white sneakers!! Really want a pair myself, I love how you styled it.


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