Friday, 30 January 2015

January Bloggers Style File

I know a lot of bloggers do this kind of thing now, and I really like posts like this. I always find new blogs to follow from these posts, and it's a good excuse to just give some love! I'll post one of these at the end of each month and hopefully I'll inspire someone to give these amazing blogs a visit. ^.^

chloe // the little plum 

I do blogger outreach as part of my job, so I found Chloe's blog whilst stumbling around bloglovin looking for someone new. Her blog in general is gorgeous, but this outfit in particular is soooo nice. I am all about tailoring and trainers, but the cosy jumper just completes the look by adding that new texture. All that together with the chic bun. Love this.

bryony // bealea

I came across Bryony whilst having a nosy through the #fbloggers tag on Instagram. That was only a couple of weeks ago and she's a firm favourite now! Besides the fact she's wearing trainers which will make any outfit a winner for me, I love the combination of the huge coat and roll-neck with a pair of joggers. I'm also inspired to try and combine this many grey tones in one outfit.

yanin // i dress myselff

Okay, Yanin's blog/YouTube are huge so she doesn't need any help... but I can't pass up mentioning this outfit. I'm not even into animal print and would never consider buying these boots, but by paring such a big print with other low-key items she's making me want them. This is the mark of a good blogger. Mixing a grey basic with blue jeans is a combo from my own heart, and I'm also a fan of the super long scarf. A+

clarissa // vintage doll risa

There wasn't a way to link to this particular post of Clarissa's, so I just had to link to her whole blog (which is fine because all the posts are gorg). I love this post in particular because hey, I just love grey and the many shades of grey there are to possibly combine. I went straight on to asos to check out these items she's wearing and daym they aren't cheap, but look how stunning they are. Also loving her dark lipstick choice to go with. <3

leanne // this is leanne

I actually discovered Leanne's blog because she followed me (thanks Leanne ^.^) and I'm glad she did. For one thing, I love her hair. I'm always trying to get my hair to do that soft middle parting and it just won't work with me. Leanne's outfit is super simple, I just like leather paired with a soft jumper (props for the sky blue) and she's also inspiring me to go out and pick up a pair of pointy flats.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

x G

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Double Denim

coat // primark
shirt // topman
tee // asos
jeans // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker

Just a simple black, white and blue outfit today. Double denim, a fave of mine. I will double denim anything if it's a varying shade of denim. Light blue and navy look perfect together. Also shout out to the white tee from ASOS; their "forever" t shirts are amazing. Super stretchy!


Monday, 26 January 2015

Blue & White

boyfriend shirt // monki via asos
jeans // topshop
leather jacket // topshop
stan smith // adidas via footasylum

I promised myself this year that I'd stop caring about looking girly, and wear all the oversized/tailored/baggy things I want. Starting with this beautiful shirt. I got the last one on the website (it disappeared after I put it in my basket, yay me) and it's a size small, so it's meant to be long and oversized, which I love. I wore it to work and I felt really put together even though it's just a long shirt. I'm thinking I'll have to get the same shirt but in the all-blue because I'm officially a shirt girl. Shirts are the best.


Friday, 23 January 2015

My Calvins

dimepiece sweater // asos
crop // topshop
boxers // calvin klein
jeans // asos
adidas stan smiths // footasylum

Calvins are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. I felt this need to get involved even though I've had old Calvin Klein boxers lying in my drawer for 3 years (such a hipster "I did it first" ha), and I'm not about to go out and buy a new set to put on Instagram. So. I thought I'd go for a 90s vibe and wear my trusty Calvins poking out above my mom jeans. I used to let my girl boxers ride above my jeans all the time (particularly my Superdry ones) and it's not something I do anymore but it's always nice to revisit old styles. Bit playful and super relaxed ^.^

(Side note - these Stan Smiths are almost sold out on Footasylum's site so get 'em whilst you can.)


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Monochrome In Stussy

stussy t-shirt // asos
faux leather trousers // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker
choker // topshop

Living in black at the minute! I got this t-shirt for Christmas and I'm in love with it. I plan to fill my wardrobe with a variation of Stussy t-shirts. The beautiful Topshop leather trousers go perfectly and are dressed down by the tee and my fave Air Force 1s. 

What do you think?


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Casual With Stan

t-shirt dress // topman
adidas stan smith // footasylum

Ahh I love my new trainers. I've not owned a pair of Stan Smith trainers before, so I've been playing around this weekend with how to style them. As the zebra print on the heel is a bit jazzy as well, I've found it best to keep everything else basic and minimal. Lots of grey and black, and letting the shoe pretty much run the outfit. I picked this long-sleeved top up in Topman very recently. It's a v affordable £16 and I loved the colour, kind of a creamy grey... if that's even a thing. It's very short (as it's meant to be a long top on a dude) so be aware of ya bum at all times. Apologies for the lighting in two of these pictures btw, spanner over here forgot to turn the bedroom light off... got to love that yellow glow. 

I also did a lookbook/styling video on my YT to show off my new kicks, so please see the bottom of this post if you fancy watching it! 

x G


Saturday, 17 January 2015

adidas Stan Smith (Zebra/White)

adidas stan smith // footasylum

Another day, another pair of trainers. I didn't ever see myself getting a pair of Stan Smiths, but they've kind of been calling to me. Adidas recently released these babies and I couldn't resist. I'm not usually into animal print, but seeing as this is all still monochrome I can make an exception. I have a pair of classic Vans and they're so flat and hard, I expected these to be like that but they're naattt! Super comfy and I love that they look seriously retro ^.^ 


Friday, 16 January 2015

Latest Make-Up Game Changers

My latest four favourite make up products!

maybelline brow drama "medium brown" // soap and glory archery brow pencil "hot chocolate"

I use the brow drama brush to coat my brows with the colour first, and then I go over any gaps with the soap and glory brow pencil. I used to draw quite a square edge to the front of my brows, but now I prefer a much softer edge. Looks much more natural! My brows stay put for the day.

nars matte multiple "altai" 

Okay, at £27 I think this is the most I've ever spent on a make up product! I was wandering around Selfridges and spotted this at the Nars make up counter. I have previously used powder contour, but I much prefer applying this cream as a contour, as I can easily apply perfect lines to my cheekbones/forehead/nose and quickly blend with my finger. Stays on until I take it off with make up remover. That £27 still hurts though.

mac prep + prime transparent finishing powder

I bought this on a whim when I was hanging around the Mac lipsticks, but I'm glad and I won't look back. I have oily skin so I'm always looking for the perfect powder. This stuff is so wonderfully translucent that I can pile it on my face and it never looks covered in powder. It reflects light so makes skin look dewy, but keeps away oil longer than other powders I've used. It's not a miracle and my face will always end up shiny, but this helps keep it away.

x G

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Denim & Suede

jumper // primark (mens)
skort // ebay
denim jacket // topman
new balance // footasylum

Denim? Check. Cosy jumper? Check. Fresh trainers? Check. 
With the crap weather and how cold it still is, all I want every day is to just be cosy. Cosy but put together. I am in loveeee with these trainers. I think beige is my new favourite colour (besides black... and grey).



Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Kicks: New Balance 996

new balance 996 trainers // footasylum

So, in the spirit of upping my blog this year, I've created a new blog feature: my kicks. With every pair of trainers I buy I will be doing a post solely talking about them, and what I love about them, before I style them up in a post. I figured, why wait? So although I have featured these over Christmas, I haven't had a chance to talk about them in detail. 

I have another pair of New Balance, my 410s, but I think I much prefer this silhouette. The shoe covers more of the ankle and provides more support for the foot. I also prefer that they're a suede upper rather than all textile. They're a very chic trainer, and they're going to look amazing with a big white or grey oversized jumper and a long coat. I've never seen anyone wearing these trainers, and it's nice to have something a bit different from the norm. I also love the quirky lime yellow accents.

What do you think of my first kicks feature? Already kind of regretting this idea... I do not need another excuse to buy more trainers. ^.^


Friday, 9 January 2015

Black Textures

jacket // primark
roll neck crop // asos
jeans // asos
dr martens // footasylum
choker // ebay

Oh look, another all black outfit! I've been going through a bit of a style crisis recently - about the last two months. I went off a lot of my clothes, and wasn't really sure what my style was anymore. Not that I think I have to stick to one style, it's just I was over a lot of the clothes I used to love. So basically I'm just sticking to black right now. Sticking to black whilst I give away a lot of old stuff to charity. I've realised that a lot of the things I wear I've owned since I was 17/18 and it's not really "me" anymore. 

My new Dr Marten boots are giving me life at the minute. I can't take them off. I go to wear a pair of trainers and then last minute I'll have to put these on instead. I love this outfit because it's all black (apart from the choker) but lots of different blacks. Furry jacket, cotton tee and denim jeans. And a cheeky slither of tummy ofc, this is me you're talking to (reading). 


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