Saturday, 26 December 2015

Primark Speckled Jumper & Zara Culottes

Primark jumper / Zara culottes (sold out) / ASOS loafers (similar)

Oops, these last two weeks have been such a whirlwind that I forgot to put this post up! This Primark jumper was a steal and it's so so soft, it's become my go-to because a lot of my jumpers can be a bit itchy or generally aren't as comfy. This jumper is a lovely material and I think it was only around £12.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fab NY!

x G

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Double Pink & Double Topshop

Topshop ribbed top / Topshop trousers / Reebok trainers 

I'm kind of laughing at myself a bit for putting this outfit together, but I really wanted to pair together my two current favourite Topshop things. I'm not even sure I've worn my Reeboks for a post yet, so you get to see how they look styled up! At £40 these trousers were definitely more than I'd have spent on trousers last year, but my willingness to spend for what I want has certainly gone up in 2015. I am kind of annoyed though because when these trousers arrived in the post the belt was tied perfectly into a bow and I can't for the life of me recreate it! So for now it can hang casually like this...  

x G

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Primark High Neck Knit & Topshop Denim Culottes

Primark high neck knit / Topshop denim culottes (sale) / Topshop boots (they're back in stock!)

So two luuuuurvely things to talk about in this post! Firstly, this jumper: £12 from Primark!!! I always go in Primark and spend a good hour or so in there searching through the mess (those poor staff) to find the gems. I can't say it's not itchy, but I have worn much itchier jumpers and I have sensitive skin, so it's not bad at all. I love the high neck and oversized look. 

The second amazing thing is these denim culottes. They were £40 down to something like £7 in the Topshop sale. I can bet a lot of girls walked past and thought "f*ck, they're weird" but not me, I saw another gem. They're super high waisted so I could always tuck in a t-shirt or shirt to offset the wide leg. My favourite part though has got to be the raw hem. I finished off the look with my new Topshop boots with the marble heel that I showed in my last outfit post - I'm not over how beautiful they are just yet.  

x G

Sunday, 6 December 2015

New Balance 993 Limited Edition for Breast Cancer

New Balance 993 trainers

I am so impressed with myself for getting hold of these trainers. I pretty much scoured the internet for them. I got close on a New Balance discount website but they don't ship to the UK. In the end I went to ebay and found a new condition/never worn pair from a US seller. I find it hard to know what size to go in the US because I think it varies between genders (unlike here, where a female size 6 is the same as a male) but I guessed right and they fit me fine!

These kicks are limited edition for breast cancer, so I don't believe you can find them in this gorgeous pastel pink unless they're this edition. They're a mix of mesh and suede, and the NB branding is light reflective, which I imagine is to light them up when you go for a run... not that I'll be running in these beauties. They do look amazing when they reflect the light though! 

x G

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Extreme Bell Sleeves & Marble Boots

Etsy top (link for seller) / ASOS jeans / Topshop boots (sold out - similar here)/ Zara bag (sold out)

I showed this beautiful top on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I've finally had a chance to style it up. I don't spend enough time on Etsy and if you can sort through the ridiculous amount of sellers on there you can find some pretty unique gems. I wanted to truly show it off so I paired it with black everything, and kept the jeans super skinny so nothing took attention away from the amazing huge sleeves. I finished off the look with my favourite new Topshop boots (which you can get a closer look at here) and my soft leather Zara bag.

Hope you love this top, do check out the seller!

x G

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Perfect Zara Culottes

New Look jumper / Monki shirt via ASOS / Zara culottes / adidas trainers via Footasylum

This is the kind of outfit I am living for this winter. Oversized basically everything, some high neck knitwear, and of course my trusty Stans. I had to pick up another pair of black culottes because my favourite ones (featured here) are too short on the leg now that it's suddenly freezing in the UK. These are the perfect length and perfect high-waisted fit :)  

x G

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Topshop Belted Crepe Peg Trousers

Primark coat / ASOS sweater / Topshop trousers / adidas trainers via Footasylum (sold out)

Gahr, so happy I got hold of these trousers! I don't need to bore you by going into my huge love for pastel pink do I? Basically they're my dream trousers and I snapped them up before my size sold out. Pairing them with my zebra stan smiths was a match made it heaven really, I think they look amazing together. I chucked on a pure white sweater so nothing else was distracting from the pink and zebra details, and in the same vein went for my simple black coat that was everyone's star buy from Primark this time last year!

Hope you love this outfit, thanks for reading.  

x G

Friday, 20 November 2015

ASOS Oversized Minimal Jumpsuit & Vintage Levi's

Levi's denim jacket via UO / ASOS Jumpsuit / ASOS high neck top / Vans trainers via Footasylum / UO bag

I haven't done an outdoorsy blog post in ages so I thought it was about time! My boyfriend was a hun and took these photos for me. It was actually p****** it down with rain (can you see the rain?) so I stood conveniently underneath some trees and my boyfriend had a huge umbrella covering himself and my camera. 

I am utterly in love with this jumpsuit and I think you might be too, if you like the oversized look. It certainly cost more than I'd usually spend on a jumpsuit but I'd never seen anything like it and couldn't resist. Under it I have of course worn my favourite high neck pastel pink top, and thrown over my vintage Levi's denim because I definitely didn't wear it enough in the summer.

Hope you like this outfit!

x G

Monday, 16 November 2015

Reebok Classic White Leather

Reebok trainers via Footasylum

I totally forgot to show you guys these! Annoying because they aren't pure white anymore (I did clean them up to take this picture though). I needed another pair of white leather trainers because I don't really wear my Air Force 1s anymore and white leather is so much easier to wear than mesh or canvas because it's easy to clean. These trainers are really comfortable and a nice addition to my ever-growing collection.

x G

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

ASOS Denim Faux Borg Shearling Jacket

ASOS denim jacket / New Look jumper / Girls On Film culottes via ASOS (sold out) / ASOS platform brogues

I'm so excited to show you guys this faux shearling jacket. I am obsessed with it. It's so thick and warm, and I love that it's cropped so (for once - I usually love my oversized sh*t) it doesn't swamp me. Definitely high on the list of things I'd recommend for winter right now. This is also the first time I'm showing you my new leather platform brogues. Basically Stella McCartney rip offs but a million times cheaper AND so much more wearable. I'm not going to deny that the Stella ones are amazing and I die a little bit of jealousy when I see girls wearing them out and about, but hey, I'm happy with these you guys. They're real leather so will hopefully last, and they're a lot easier to chuck on than a big platform. I also should note that I've oddly had quite a few boys ask me about them and whether they're available for men ha! My own boyfriend (who I might add is not really into fashion at all) said he'd wear them if they were in his size, mini platform and all! 

Hope you love this outfit ^.^ 

x G
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