Monday, 15 December 2014

The Bizarre: Opening Party

Last Thursday I attended the opening party for 'The Bizarre', an apparel shop that has just opened in the Northern Quarter, Manchester city centre. The Bizarre began as an independent apparel label called Bizarre Tees, started by Damian Gray, who I met at University (we both wrote for the student newspaper ^_^). He asked me if I would come along and possibly blog the event, and I was happy to! The Bizarre doesn't just stock Damian's own label, but 8 independent labels, which is really exciting for streetwear apparel lovers like myself. I even own a few t-shirts already by Hopeless Youth, one of the brands stocked at The Bizarre :) 

If you're interested in picking up new t-shirts or sweaters that won't be worn by 9/10 guys and gals on the high street then I would suggest taking a look in The Bizarre! It's always great to see small ideas come to fruition, and I'm chuffed for Damian, the shop (as you can see from the images) looks amazing!


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  1. My boyfriend would love these designs! I just came across your blog so thought I would say hi :) xx


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