Sunday, 9 November 2014


kimono // h&m
t-shirt // topshop
skirt // ark
booties // topshop

This outfit was the kind of thing I'd throw together if I wanted to be comfortable but look a little fancy - enter the pvc skirt. I've actually had mega issues with this skirt. The zip fastened fine if I was holding the skirt, but even though it fit it was impossible to get the zip up when I had it on. I ended up ripping the zip off and sewing it back on. That somehow worked, I'm not really sure why.

The camera isn't picking up the colour very well, but my t-shirt is actually a pale pink, which adds a subtle bit of colour from simple monochrome. These booties are from yeeeears ago, but I always bring them back out again in winter. They're just very cute and comfy. :)


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