Sunday, 30 November 2014


jacket // primark
t-shirt // new look
jeans // topshop
shoes // office
bag // primark
lipstick // "mink" topshop

I have been wanting these holographic slip-ons since I first saw them in June, and was never in the mood to pass up the £20 for them when I'm usually a trainers or black boots kinda girl, nothing in-between. Anyhoo, Office were having a 20% of everything sale this weekend, and they happened to still have my size (I was surprised they hadn't all sold out.) I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and a real statement piece, especially paired with my fluffy jacket. They are very similar to the Topshop slip-ons though, because they're stiff as a board and rub like crazy. They need a few more wears with thick socks to break them in and then they'll be fine. I don't usually wear smaller bags in the day such as this one, but this was my Christmas/Black Friday weekend shopping outfit so I didn't want a huge bag hanging off my arm all day. Manchester was disgracefully busy and I got barged into approx 48457493 times, but I got all my presents and it's not even December ^.^

 What do you think of this outfit?



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