Sunday, 30 November 2014


jacket // primark
t-shirt // new look
jeans // topshop
shoes // office
bag // primark
lipstick // "mink" topshop

I have been wanting these holographic slip-ons since I first saw them in June, and was never in the mood to pass up the £20 for them when I'm usually a trainers or black boots kinda girl, nothing in-between. Anyhoo, Office were having a 20% of everything sale this weekend, and they happened to still have my size (I was surprised they hadn't all sold out.) I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and a real statement piece, especially paired with my fluffy jacket. They are very similar to the Topshop slip-ons though, because they're stiff as a board and rub like crazy. They need a few more wears with thick socks to break them in and then they'll be fine. I don't usually wear smaller bags in the day such as this one, but this was my Christmas/Black Friday weekend shopping outfit so I didn't want a huge bag hanging off my arm all day. Manchester was disgracefully busy and I got barged into approx 48457493 times, but I got all my presents and it's not even December ^.^

 What do you think of this outfit?


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Autumn Boots Haul & Review

Whilst this is primarily a fashion blog, I am into my make up and beauty and whilst I will feature these items on my YouTube channel l I thought I'd give them a quick review here first :)

First and foremost, the blending sponge. I apologise that the packet is open/my used sponge looks gross (unfortunately once it's used it is always stained no matter how much you wash it). For over a year I'd been using my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply foundation every day, but eventually the hairs started to fall out and I needed a replacement. A few beauty gurus that I follow have used sponges or the official Beauty Blender, and I was told they're good for spreading thick foundation. Basically, I don't know how I'll ever use anything else now. I have very oily skin and open pores, and this is the best applicator I have ever used for successfully blending foundation into pores so I actually look like I don't have them (for a few hours at least). It took me a few goes to get used to pressing and pushing the make up on, but I am one happy customer.

5/5. Note: you have to put your chosen amount of foundation dotted around your face before blending. If you try and pick the product up from your hand you'll end up wasting a LOT.

Now unfortunately, I ended up with this mascara by mistake. Gossmakeupartist recommended the Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara and whilst I was in boots I thought I'd pick it up, and managed to pick up a different one - although with practically the same name?!?!!? An easy but annoying mistake. So I've ended up with a mascara that I didn't want, and I think I will get the one I wanted and keep this as a spare because this mascara is just okay. It's quite lengthening and it doesn't clump very much, but the brush is massive for my eyes (could just be me), and it's almost impossible to apply it without it ending up all over my eyelid. 


Awks another mistake coming up. I thought that this was a cream contour kit, so when I opened it to find powder I thought.... ah. Oh well. Let's give it a go anyway. I apply bronzer every day and have contoured using bronzer, but I've never had a specific contouring powder or something to highlight with. Having a powder set has actually been helpful because it's added an extra layer of powder to hold in shine. The contour powder is really good, and even at 5pm before I leave work it is still intact on my cheek as opposed to my foundation which has always half disappeared. In future I would still like to purchase a cream contour kit, but for now I'm really pleased with this.


loreal paris la palette nude // boots

I'm not huge on wearing eyeshadow, but every time I watch a make up tutorial I start pining for some wearable nude shades. Whilst the Urban Decay Naked 3 looks incredible, it's really expensive for something I might not get a lot of use out of, so when I saw this palette I thought, okay, here's a really good (and way, way cheaper) alternative. The shades are great because they're half matte and half shimmery. The pay-off isn't amazing, but in a way this is good because it means they're really wearable in the daytime and if you want something more dramatic you can build them up. The brush is rubbbbbbish but that's not a big deal, really. I recommend this palette to an eyeshadow newb like myself :)

4/5 (due to lack of pay-off and an awful brush)

That's everything. Let me know what you thought of these products if you also have them, or want to recommend me any alternatives!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Denim & Knit

leather jacket // topshop
shirt // new look
jumper // topshop 
jeans // topshop
air force 1s // nike via foot locker

Confession.... I was naaaat a fan of most of these pictures, so I'm afraid you only get the side of my face. Awks. But yeah, the background is really cool so I didn't want to waste them. My boyfriend is at uni in Newcastle and we walked past this graffiti on the way to the centre and I was like woah *gets camera out*. I'm also delighted that it's knitwear/sweater season again. I love me some baggy sweaters. Hope you like this outfit and I actually have a beauty post coming soon which is odd but I finally have a beauty product I feel like talking about! 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Black & Rose Gold

furry jacket // primark
crop-top // american apparel
leggings // monki via asos
socks // topshop
boots // river island
necklace // h&m

Apologies for not posting in the last couple of days! I'm pretty darn busy at the minute, but I'm trying to fit blogging in as much as possible. I've got my new full time job, and the weekend just gone I went back to uni for the first time to visit my friends, and this is what I wore :)

The jacket, top and chain are completely new purchases. The jacket is amazingly soft and sooo warm that obviously I didn't wear it once I was inside a club. The top is a really thick, good quality material so I know it's worth the money I paid. The chain I fancied because I don't really own anything rose gold, and it added a different colour to a mainly monochrome outfit. 

It might not be to everyone's taste, but I'm mixing rose gold, gold and silver (silver socks and gold accents on my boots). I think all together with a mainly black outfit really works. What do you think?


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Converse & American Apparel

hoody // american apparel
romper // american apparel
converse // ebay
bag // hype

Wearing a green hoody, walk past a matching green door..... photo op! This romper is so cute and comfy, but obviously it involves a lot of half-naked toilet going and you have to attempt to button the back up by yourself, so you have to be a tad flexible. Other than that, it's a fave in my wardrobe.

I never really feature this bag anymore, but it's back to being my every day bag after uni because it fits everything I need for work. A little handbag doesn't exactly fit my lunchbox in it. It is falling to pieces after two years though, so I'll be picking up a new backpack soon, I already have my eye on a leather one :)  

Photography by Alice Young of Fashioning Alice 


Sunday, 9 November 2014


kimono // h&m
t-shirt // topshop
skirt // ark
booties // topshop

This outfit was the kind of thing I'd throw together if I wanted to be comfortable but look a little fancy - enter the pvc skirt. I've actually had mega issues with this skirt. The zip fastened fine if I was holding the skirt, but even though it fit it was impossible to get the zip up when I had it on. I ended up ripping the zip off and sewing it back on. That somehow worked, I'm not really sure why.

The camera isn't picking up the colour very well, but my t-shirt is actually a pale pink, which adds a subtle bit of colour from simple monochrome. These booties are from yeeeears ago, but I always bring them back out again in winter. They're just very cute and comfy. :)


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Black, White & Grey

jacket // topshop
top // h&m
leggings // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker
watch // casio

I haven't featured these beautiful Topshop leggings in quite a while. They're a very thick material that's perfect for winter. I think I'm going to pick up a dark green jumper to go with them soon :). Now what I love about my air force 1s is that they can be dressed up or down. Most of my trainers give that sporty element (goes without saying really), whereas these just look a bit street-style and work really well with my more feminine pieces. 

Not even a minute after these photos were taken the shop behind these shutters opened and my edgy background disappeared. I'll definitely come back for some more pictures here. In other news, my hair has lightened loads since first dyeing it over a month ago, and I'm really pleased with how it's faded from dark brown to a light chocolate. I plan on going back to blonde in future but I'm enjoying brown-haired life for now.

Photography by Alice Young of Fashioning Alice 


Monday, 3 November 2014

Autumn Lookbook!

I don't always post my YouTube videos on here but I thought I would now. 

I put together five Autumn appropriate outfits in a lookbook :)

All outfit details can be found in the description bar of the video. 

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