Friday, 31 October 2014

Red & Blue

scarf // topshop
top // h&m
jeans // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker

I'm guilty of theft... because I stole this scarf from my mom. Yup. Mama has good taste. It's such a large, eye-catching print that I kept everything else to a minimum - grey, blue and white. I really like this scarf because you can wind it round or just throw it loosely over your shoulders, and either way it looks really comfy and chic. Oops I just said chic. It's the kind of outfit I love for day-to-day casual.  

I accepted a job offer this week and I start working full time on Monday! So I'll be working hard to fit my blog posts and videos around a much busier lifestyle. I'll be investing in some professional lighting so that I can take footage and photos any time of day. :)

Side note: Happy Halloween! No, I'm not doing anything Halloween related this year. I'm visiting my boyfriend in Newcastle and we're going to (finallyyyy) watch Gone Girl tonight. I've already read the book so I think the creepiness of this film is v appropriate. Have a fab time whatever you're doing! 



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