Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I've had many different hairstyles and hair colours in my life. My mom first let me dye my hair red when I was 10 (still in primary school and everything), then I was brown again, and then dark brown and the longest my hair has ever been, down to my chest.  I went ginger, then for a stage in college I went fully black. Then I was back to brown, then I went purple at the beginning of university. I LOVED the purple but it was hard to keep up with. I had short hair then, but I went back to dark brown and grew it to my chest again. Spontaneously I bleached it white blonde. It absolutely destroyed my hair, which had previously been shiny and thick, but I loved being blonde. Unfortunately the upkeep was almost impossible and I could never quite get it white enough, and the roots always needed a double bleaching to not be orange. So, a year ago, I went dark blonde. Much easier upkeep and I was able to grow it out into a sort of ombre style. 

 Now I really want to grow my hair long again. However, where it had been bleached was still way too damaged. So I had it all cut out! And now I have short brown hair... but hopefully it will grow healthier and longer in a year's time :) Yesterday I published a video on the hairstyles I have been doing to style my new short hair ^.^


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  1. Love your new hair suits you well :)
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here! :)


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