Saturday, 18 October 2014

Black On Black

jersey // topman
leggings // m&s
cap // h&m
adidas trainers // size?
lipstick // first kiss (calvin klein)

Feeling very streetwear influenced in this outfit. Super casual: cap, baggy jersey, comfy leggings and sneaks. I tried to offset the I-just-fell-out-bed-and-threw-this-on vibe by wearing lipstick and brushing my hair. I love wearing this kind of thing. I love looking like I fell out of bed... but didn't. This cap was a great find buried under a load of other things in h&m. I like it because it's really simple and 'cool', but it's not a snapback, so it's not 'too' cool. You get me? This Topman jersey I find is great for dressing up or down. It's pretty see-through, so either adds a dressed up note to daytime (yes, you can see my bra a bit) or can be dressed way up with a pair of black leather shorts. And the trainers (let's not forget those bad boys) - all black so they're the centre of attention. 


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