Sunday, 26 October 2014

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sweater // urban outfitters
skirt // topshop
vans // office
scrunchie // asos marketplace 

If you get the title reference then I give you complete kudos! Fortunately I'm not a creepy sociopath from Pretty Little Liars, I'm just a blogger in Urban Outfitters. This jumper was a gift and, funnily enough, not the gift I wanted. I requested the black and red version of this jumper and my generous present-buyer ordered the wrong one online. Oops. However, I had to forgive them because in the end I fell for this jumper and it will always come back in the colder months, year in year out.

The skirt is a much more recent purchase. I'm sure it could still be picked up in a Topshop sale somewhere. It actually features a sports-luxe green/white waistband but here it's working as your basic pleated skirt. This outfit was a bit of an experiment because I wasn't sure whether these items were going to work together, but hopefully you'll agree it all looks very "cute". Kind of varsity schoolgirl vibes. My scrunchie was, of course, selected to match the sweater. It was both in my hair and on my wrist, werkin' the functionality.

Also, can I just take a moment to give the background some limelight. Me and my blogging beauty Alice found this simply because some hecklers made us walk off from our original photo spot in central Manchester. So er, thanks I guess! 

Photography by Alice Young of Fashioning Alice


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