Friday, 31 October 2014

Red & Blue

scarf // topshop
top // h&m
jeans // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker

I'm guilty of theft... because I stole this scarf from my mom. Yup. Mama has good taste. It's such a large, eye-catching print that I kept everything else to a minimum - grey, blue and white. I really like this scarf because you can wind it round or just throw it loosely over your shoulders, and either way it looks really comfy and chic. Oops I just said chic. It's the kind of outfit I love for day-to-day casual.  

I accepted a job offer this week and I start working full time on Monday! So I'll be working hard to fit my blog posts and videos around a much busier lifestyle. I'll be investing in some professional lighting so that I can take footage and photos any time of day. :)

Side note: Happy Halloween! No, I'm not doing anything Halloween related this year. I'm visiting my boyfriend in Newcastle and we're going to (finallyyyy) watch Gone Girl tonight. I've already read the book so I think the creepiness of this film is v appropriate. Have a fab time whatever you're doing! 


Sunday, 26 October 2014

- A

sweater // urban outfitters
skirt // topshop
vans // office
scrunchie // asos marketplace 

If you get the title reference then I give you complete kudos! Fortunately I'm not a creepy sociopath from Pretty Little Liars, I'm just a blogger in Urban Outfitters. This jumper was a gift and, funnily enough, not the gift I wanted. I requested the black and red version of this jumper and my generous present-buyer ordered the wrong one online. Oops. However, I had to forgive them because in the end I fell for this jumper and it will always come back in the colder months, year in year out.

The skirt is a much more recent purchase. I'm sure it could still be picked up in a Topshop sale somewhere. It actually features a sports-luxe green/white waistband but here it's working as your basic pleated skirt. This outfit was a bit of an experiment because I wasn't sure whether these items were going to work together, but hopefully you'll agree it all looks very "cute". Kind of varsity schoolgirl vibes. My scrunchie was, of course, selected to match the sweater. It was both in my hair and on my wrist, werkin' the functionality.

Also, can I just take a moment to give the background some limelight. Me and my blogging beauty Alice found this simply because some hecklers made us walk off from our original photo spot in central Manchester. So er, thanks I guess! 

Photography by Alice Young of Fashioning Alice


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Vintage All Round

vintage adidas sweater // asos marketplace
vintage levi's jeans // asos marketplace
converse // ebay

I'd love to know what you think of this sweater. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because it's really cool and different, and it's vintage Adidas so how can you say no. However, the colour is garish, it doesn't go with anything (apart from the obvious denim) and is generally hard to style. That's fashion though. Sometimes you have to try hard with something to make it work. I think it's working here, anyway.

These are my other mom jeans. You'll find me wearing my usual Topshop mom jeans in many other posts on this blog. These are my baggy Levi's which I've turned up at the bottom and sewn tighter at the waist so they don't fall down. My battered converse, whilst not vintage, are so worn that you'd think they were. All in all, this is a cosy and easygoing outfit that I'd wear for anything casual.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Black On Black

jersey // topman
leggings // m&s
cap // h&m
adidas trainers // size?
lipstick // first kiss (calvin klein)

Feeling very streetwear influenced in this outfit. Super casual: cap, baggy jersey, comfy leggings and sneaks. I tried to offset the I-just-fell-out-bed-and-threw-this-on vibe by wearing lipstick and brushing my hair. I love wearing this kind of thing. I love looking like I fell out of bed... but didn't. This cap was a great find buried under a load of other things in h&m. I like it because it's really simple and 'cool', but it's not a snapback, so it's not 'too' cool. You get me? This Topman jersey I find is great for dressing up or down. It's pretty see-through, so either adds a dressed up note to daytime (yes, you can see my bra a bit) or can be dressed way up with a pair of black leather shorts. And the trainers (let's not forget those bad boys) - all black so they're the centre of attention. 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hidden Tartan

jacket // ebay
polo shirt // topshop
skort // ebay
leggings // topshop
loafers // new look
lipstick // 107 (rimmel)

This jacket is one on a long list of jackets that were shoved to the back section of my wardrobe throughout the summer. As a student I wasn't exactly full of funds to spend on real Harrington jackets, so I picked this bargain up on ebay last year. For the price it is a beautiful jacket, light enough for layering but thick enough to be warm. I also rediscovered an old favourite in this Topshop polo shirt. Pairing it with a skort and my bulky loafers means that this outfit is basically filled with masculine elements. I, of course, love that. What do you think?


Sunday, 12 October 2014


t-shirt // new look
shirt // new look
leather jacket // topshop
jeans // asos
welly boots // river island
scarf // asos marketplace 

Today was finally the day to bring a scarf back out. It's clearly autumn but it's been quite warm in the north. It actually started raining literally one second after the last picture was taken. It was hammering it down so much so that I basically ran back home using my scarf as a hood. Until that point though, you can see that everything is looking wonderfully autumnal outside, and I'm glad because I love dressing for the cold. 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I've had many different hairstyles and hair colours in my life. My mom first let me dye my hair red when I was 10 (still in primary school and everything), then I was brown again, and then dark brown and the longest my hair has ever been, down to my chest.  I went ginger, then for a stage in college I went fully black. Then I was back to brown, then I went purple at the beginning of university. I LOVED the purple but it was hard to keep up with. I had short hair then, but I went back to dark brown and grew it to my chest again. Spontaneously I bleached it white blonde. It absolutely destroyed my hair, which had previously been shiny and thick, but I loved being blonde. Unfortunately the upkeep was almost impossible and I could never quite get it white enough, and the roots always needed a double bleaching to not be orange. So, a year ago, I went dark blonde. Much easier upkeep and I was able to grow it out into a sort of ombre style. 

 Now I really want to grow my hair long again. However, where it had been bleached was still way too damaged. So I had it all cut out! And now I have short brown hair... but hopefully it will grow healthier and longer in a year's time :) Yesterday I published a video on the hairstyles I have been doing to style my new short hair ^.^


Saturday, 4 October 2014


shirt // primark
jeans // topshop
checked shirt // new look
leather jacket // topshop
nike air force 1s // footlocker
watch // casio

Oh hey there! So I went to London last weekend. I stayed at a uni friend's flat (he lives 5 minutes from Kings Cross station, it was brilliant) and spent a day in London with him and his girlfriend aka my favourite photographer Mae. They took me walking around Primrose Hill, Camden Locks and some posh markets near the Thames. Obviously I was excited to take some pictures with Mae again, and these are the resulting photos. Also if you read my blog regularly you'll have noticed my hair is completely different. I finally had all the dead bleached ends cut off and I'm growing it out again. 

I ummed and aahed between wearing trainers and black flats with this outfit, because the end result with trainers is, I guess, quite masculine. However, I felt like wearing flats was a cop out for me, so I just went for it. I love this Primark shirt and its boxy shape so much. Beyond that, the extra shirt and jacket were simply to keep warm but London was boiling! I ended up carrying them around on my arm the whole day. Let me know what you think :)

Photography by Mae Reddaway and Jay Theis

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