Monday, 29 September 2014

Asos Wish List AW14

My first ever wish list. I went a liiiiiiitle overboard with 13 things, but honestly I left out about 15 more so I've really restrained myself. I've been wanting to do this kind of post because I've yet to talk about the kind of things I will buy or want to buy if I had the funds or the need for certain things. So here lies my first Asos wish list. Asos to me is the place you can go for literally anything you want clothes-wise. If I want a plain top, jeans, a certain kind of boot or jacket, I know Asos is going to have it on their website somewhere. That is the beauty of Asos! (I think my next wish list will feature Missguided) Enjoy :)!

#1: asos black cami - £15

I am desperate for a cami dress of this sort. It can be dressy or casual and in my head I'm wearing it with a white t-shirt underneath, tights, boots and a tartan scarf.

These cigarette trousers are just beautiful (I also love the matching blazer). As I get closer to working in an office I want to have appropriate clothes that are still really fashionable. I think it's fun to deviate from the usual black and the model just sells and sells these to me in the picture.

 Omg this backpack. It's already low in stock so I can guess it will be gone pretty soon. What can I say? It's just a sleek and sophisticated version of your average backpack. I only own one handbag, and I only bought it recently. Handbags are a new thing to me and I'm usually more comfortable with a bulky rucksack, so this is the perfect mixture for me.

A long sleeved crop top is actually going to be an essential for me this autumn/winter. I love crop tops, any season, and I think the contrast of a midriff showing top with a turtleneck is just so cute. A must for me. It also goes without saying that it's a perfect layering piece.

#5: crop top with "nothing to wear" embroidery print - £16

Bit of a "random" edition to the list but I love little statement t-shirts and again, of course, it's a crop top. I like these sarcy fashionista aimed t-shirts.

#6: petite ultimate slim coat - £55

These slim coats have been everywhere, with even Primark bringing out an incredibly cheap pale blue version. Personally I'll be sticking to black as it will never go out of style, but these coats are just beautiful. I think they'll add a sophisticated touch to my usual crop, jeans and trainers style.

#7: sweetheart playsuit in gingham check print - £25

This playsuit is bladdy adorable and I want it. Very feminine with the sweetheart neckline, but easily toughened up with a baggy cardigan and air force 1s.

#8: pop boutique check shirt - £25

There is a space in my wardrobe for another check shirt, green this time. I have a white/black shirt that I wear way too much. It's just so easy to throw on over leggings, any top, or tie around the waist. Or I can button it up and wear it on its own. 

#9: key hole wide fit suede over the knee boots - £85

Okay, I honestly have no idea what I'm thinking with these boots. They are not my style at all, I've never even remotely wanted a pair, and yet I have my eye on these. I've seen numerous bloggers sporting knee high boots lately, and already I can imagine wearing them with tights and a mini skirt and shirt. Basically I'm imagining myself like Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman (minus the patterned socks).

#10: white boxy shirt - £22

Not much explanation needed, here. Staple white shirt. Would look perfect with the aforementioned cigarette trousers.

#11: HUF splatter 5 panel cap - £37.50

The ridiculous price of this cap aside, isn't it beautiful? I haven't bought a cap in a while and I always like adding more to my collection.

#12: ellesse oversized boyfriend sweatshirt - £40 

I've wanted an ellesse sweatshirt for a while so hopefully I'll be picking one up soon. I love oversized sweaters and I have a pile folded up at the bottom of my wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day since March, so I'm excited to get those out for blog posts. My love of sweaters aside, I need more vintage style sportswear in my life.

#13: hype cropped vest - £18 

Continuing on with the sportswear theme, this beautiful co-ord set (although I'm mainly interested in the vest). It's just a really fun, bright, sporty set. Not exactly AW appropriate but I always find a way to wear tiny tops in the freezing cold. 

And that's it. So what do you think of my AW14 Asos picks? I know not everything is Asos' brand, but they have all been selected from the website. 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


vest // urban outfitters
t-shirt // primark
jeans // cheap monday 
shoes // debenhams
bag // primark
watch // casio

As we all know, ripped jeans are mega in trend at the minute. At the risk of sounding like a massive hipster... I've had these jeans since I was 14 ;) No idea how or why they still fit; clearly my body hasn't changed. I bought these jeans at a very reduced price a long time ago, and cut them up at home (mother wasn't impressed) because of my love at the time for Skins character Effy Stonem. Oh Georgie. I also ripped a pair of black jeans but I think those have since disintegrated. These jeans are super comfy. I turned them up at the bottom just to keep them from being too long, and threw on a t-shirt under the vest because frankly it's way too cold for open sides now.  

I wore this outfit to go to the hairdressers a few days ago. My hair is now COMPLETELY different, but I haven't taken a single selfie to prove it. I'm waiting to meet up with my old photographer in London to take some snaps and I'll debut it later ^.^ Let me know what you think of this casual outfit.



Sunday, 21 September 2014


crop-top // asos
skort // new look
brogues // primark
lipstick // russian red (mac)

This is my bye-bye summer outfit; I can't see myself going off on a night out in something like this anymore. I love monochrome to death but this needed spicing up with something else and that's the reason for the red lippy. I'm never adverse to a crop-top, even in the middle of winter, so in the cooler months I'll just add tights and a more over-the-shoulder crop to make this work. I'd also switch the red lipstick for a plum - I don't care about sticking to seasonal lipstick shades but there's no denying how a plum looks in autumn/winter!

Hope you like this look and there's only one more to come before you see my new short hair!



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

White Stripes

crop-top // topshop
joggers // h&m
nike air force 1s // footlocker 

My new motto is going to be "sports luxe every day, for every occasion". Okay so this isn't exactly sports luxe... I'm wearing joggers and trainers. BUT this isn't any ordinary pair of joggers (they're not a soft enough material for me to consider them sweatpants...). When I first bought them I was calling them my Rihanna Pants, because they just remind me of the kind of baggy pants that you'd see Rihanna in. I'm not even sure I know what I'm on about right now. Don't you just love the white stripes though?

To offset the loose nature of the pants and the chunky, masculine trainers I of course put on a crop-top. This is the kind of outfit I'd wear on a day where I wanted to be extremely comfortable whilst also looking like I'd taken my style into account. No accessories required.


Monday, 8 September 2014


top // asos
jeans // vintage levi's
glasses // forever 21

Oh hey girl. Apologies for a lack of posts, I've recently started an (almost) full time internship, so I've had less free time on my hands. However, I am visiting my boyfriend in Newcastle this weekend so I'll have him as my photographer monkey once again for a few posts. 

I wanted to do this post to show you me in my glasses for the first time. I pretty much always wear my contact lenses to leave the house in, but when I'm hanging about or having a sleepy eyes day I'll stick to my specs. These glasses are actually from Forever 21, non-prescription, but I took them in to Specsavers and requested that they have my prescription put in the frames, and voila! 

These glasses are beautiful Imo. The size is big but not too big, and yes they are a tad hipster but you know what, I'm a tad hipster (only in style, not in life). I hope you like them and I look forward to putting up a lot more posts v.soon.


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