Wednesday, 6 August 2014


t-shirt // asos
leggings // adidas
shoes // converse
watch // casio

Just a quick post showcasing my newest favourite leggings. I'd been on the hunt for jungle style clothes for ages. Ever since I saw a random picture on Tumblr of jungle leggings and converse. So I went out and bought jungle leggings and converse... (jokes, already had the converse. I mean have you seen how dirty they are?)

I've been quite busy lately, grad job hunting and sorting out my YouTube channel. I'm going to be doing my first lookbook soon which I'm very excited about! My July favourites is going up on my YT channel today so check it out :)



  1. rad leggings. and i so know what you mean about tumblr and jungle prints - such an awesome platform to find fashion inspiration.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I have a folder full of tumblr inspo pictures to prove it ha :) xx

  2. Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.

    Fashion gets Fierce.


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