Saturday, 5 July 2014

Summer Rain

Denim jacket // Topman
T-shirt // Topshop
Skort // New Look
Trainers // Nike
Bag // Just Hype
Watch // Casio

I don't know if you can tell, but it was raining this day - it becomes obvious once you spot the rain patches on my top. Kudos to my photographer, who held a hoody over my camera so as not to get it wet, but could barely see what she was even shooting. Now that I'm back home in Manchester for the foreseeable future (therefore not in Lancaster), I have lost my wonderful photographer Mae Reddaway. So for now my tripod, best friends and boyfriend will be helping me out. We'll see how it goes... 

I've been into skorts since this time last year but only recently picked up this monochrome number. It's cute as anything, and is a very day-to-night piece as well. I imagine I'll wear it in other posts with more black and grey, but for now, I wanted a more summery look (although the weather let me down). And as always for me, a pair of sneaks keeps it casual.  


P.S. My second video is up on YouTube! Slightly less nervous in this one...



  1. Your friend has done a great job with the photos, babe! I'm itching to do my next shoot now. Gotta wait until Wednesday. I love that skort- it's so you. I must have had a blonde moment because I totally forgot that you lived in Manchester, but we should meet up because I'm gonna be living there for a month from the 15th! xxx

  2. N'aw, I'll let her know! Thanks qt. Yeah, I was thinking to myself that of course you're gonna be in Manchester in some point! Yes, we will please xxx

    1. Absolutely! I'll message you and organise something soon. Can't wait! We should take each others' blog photos! xxx

  3. Yes, i would loveeee to do that! i'll bring my camera along to any meeting! xx


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